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You probably won't have dash lights either. The problem will probably be at the light switch. If you take out the switch, there will be a burnt wire, and the switch will have to be replaced, along with a pigtail for the burnt wire.

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Q: Why would the taillights on a 2001 Ford Expedition not come on with the headlights but the brakelights and hazard lights work if all the fuses are OK?
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Why have the hazard and turn lights stopped working on 94 Mazda MPV-all headlights taillights and brakelights work fine-fuses seem ok too?

Probably a fuse has blown. Open the fuse door and check the list to find which fuse is for the lights you're looking for and inspect the fuse. Always replace it with the same amperage fuse as what you've removed

What is the primary hazard facing drivers when driving at night?


Why is over driving your headlights dangerous?

You may not see a hazard soon enough to react

If your vehicle stalls in the middle of the roadway what should you do?

Turn on your headlights and hazard lights, call 911

What is over drive?

Driving so fast that your headlights do not give you enough warning to avoid a road hazard.

What is The first step in dealing with a weather-related hazard is to?

decide if it is necessary to drive

What is over driving lights?

Driving so fast that your headlights do not give you enough warning to avoid a road hazard.

Is there a way to flash your taillights without braking and using hazard lights?

If you just barely touch the brake pedal the brake lights will come on but the brakes will for all intent and purpose not be applied.

Why do my hazard lights keep blinking on 1988 Mazda B2200 truck until I turn headlights on but then the turn signals stop working?

first make sure hazard lights are not you need to ckeck the grounds from the battery.

Honda dashboard lights?

Honda dashboard lights are powered by a single fuse. The taillight fuse keeps the dashboard, taillights and hazard lights safe. If any of this units cause a short all of the components will not work.

Why does RT turn signal not work but when headlights come on it is lit Hazard doesn't flash either?

Check bulb May be shorted and backfeeding searching for ground

What does the multi switch operate on a 1994 grand marquis?

Probably the turn signals , hazard flashers , high beam headlights etc. like it does on my 1995 Ford Explorer

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