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Your cooling system may be malfunctioning. When was the last time you flushed the system. Or, your motor may be running lean. Have you noticed a decrease in power since this happened?

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Q: Why would the temperature gauge be running hotter than usual?
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How do you know if you need a thermostat in your car?

1. If the engine is running hotter than usual. 2. If the vehicle's temperature gauge is showing the low. 3. If upon inspection you see an open thermostat valve Symptoms like these likely indicate you need a new thermostat

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Your heat is not hot in your 2001 expediton but it is warm would it be the heater coil?

Have you noticed your engine temperature gauge running cooler than usual ? The thermostat for your engine cooling system could be sticking open

Would accidentally running on petrol cause a Diesel engine to run much hotter than usual?

Yes and probably blow it up

How do you fix the heat in a 94 Chevy S-10?

add water to the radiator. believe that. if there is no water flowing through the engine, your heater will only blow cold air. if there is no water flowing through the engine and your heater is only blowing cold air, and not HEATING, your heater core is probably going out or will be soon. most people believe that if you have no water in the engine then your temperature gauge will run hot and you will know that you are overheating the engine. WRONG! your temp gauge only measures WATER temp. But if there is no water to measure, there is no temperature rise showing on the dashboard gauge. if you have NO WATER in the engine you can seriously overheat your engine and not know it because the gauge is not getting any hotter than usual (sometimes your gauge will even read cooler than usual).

What would cause your 1994 Escort 1.9 temperature gauge to indicate overheating The engine but is not losing anti-freeze and feeling hottter than usual?

Check the temperature sensor.

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What would cause your fans to run louder than usual on a 1998 Dodge Stratus?

You have a 2 speed fan. If it is running on high then your cooling system is hotter than it should be.

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In cold weather, you'll notice that the engine temperature gauge registers only slightly or not at all, particularly if you're driving at highway speeds. You'll also notice that the temperature of your passenger compartment heater isn't nearly as warm as usual. Your car will show a temperature if you allow it to idle for several minutes. The heat flowing into the passenger compartment will be warm as usual. If your thermostat is open, the engine will rarely warm to a level you're used to seeing on the temperature gauge.

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Can a faulty engine coolan temperature sensor make it seem like your engine is overheating?

It depends on several different factors ... ... ... 1. Is you engine hotter than usual to the touch? 2. Have you recently changed the coolant? 3. How hard do you drive your car ona scale 1 to 10 and 4. Yes a fautly temp sensor can make it seem like it is running hotter

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Your exhaust has drops of water coming out of it and the temp gauge is running higher than usual and the coolant in the reservior is lessening after driving for an hr?

Sound like ur head gasket has a crack or is blown need to fix it ASAP

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