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Why would the touchpad mouse of a laptop computer become sticky and hard to use over time and what can be done about it?


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Try F-TIPP. It's a new product designed for people who are irritated by laptop touchpads. The touchpad mouse interface is often challenged by skin oil, dirt, and food particles. We rarely will wash our hands just to use our computer. If you have the owners manual, check to see if there is a section on cleaning the touchpad. You must be careful about cleaning this device, as it must remain sensitive to the presence of your finger in order to work. A mild soap solution in a damp sponge will probably clean the touchpad without getting water into the case of the laptop. Avoid rubbing alcohol, lighter fluid, or strong detergents, such as Dawn. Do not pour liquid onto the touchpad, and do not rub the touchpad with an abrasive pad.