Why would you be afraid of growing up?

I think physcologically some people fear growing up cause they don't' want to be old. Sometimes we meet people who are old but act like as if they are still a teenager and like to live that life style.But despite that I think people fear that when they are old they can't do certain or a lot of things when they grow up.Plus you go through a lot of changes and I mean a lot of changes. You like things you never did before or stop liking things you did like before so its a cycle of life that is how it works with everyone pretty much.Your fear could be for various reasons your fear could be that maybe when you grow up you will have to be more dependent and your not right now or if you are than it could be like I said you wont be able to do things you can right now but unfortunately that's how god has created life we are born young we get old.Hope this helps.May be you can visit some elderlies and ask them if they feared growing up and what they feared and compare and see how you can overcome your fear of growing up.

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The fear of 'growing up' is often referred to as Peter Pan Syndrome, the reluctance to leave youth and take on the responsibilities of adulthood. The psychological term is Gerascophobia, the fear of growing old.