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==Unexpectedly being Dumped==

  • because he doesn't have a real reason. But that all depends on what he told you. Sometimes when we get dumped, the signs are there before the deed is done. Now you have the time to yourself to analyze the relationship and remember little things he said to you or things he did that might have done that are evident of a future breakup. Did he ever tell you that there was something he didn't like about things in the relationship? Have you been spending less time together? Are the telephone conversations shorter than usual? These are some signs.
  • Often times you don't know. Many people ask themeselves what they have done wrong- but it isn't you it is the other person. The other person made his/her decision and there may be nothing you could do or could have done to change this outcome. People have a tendency to blame themselves for circumstances out of their control when in reality there may be a hundred things going on in your exes life-family problems/depression another girl who knows but its their loss.
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Q: Why would you be unexpectedly dumped and not given a reason?
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