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I know from experience that this does not have to mean that there is something wrong, it could just be that your boyfriend is being rough. However any pain should be minimal. If you experience pain during while your boyfriend is fingering you and he is not being rough, seek advice from your doctor.

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When your boyfriend fingers you i you start to bleed does that mean he popped your cherry?


My boyfriend fingered me he was trying to insert two fingers and it started bleeding he did not insert the fingers cos it started bleeding why did it bleed the bleeding stoped after 2mins plss help?

that wasnt blood he had ketchup on his fingers

What could be wrong with you if you're not on your period but you started bleeding when your boyfriend was fingering you?

You probably have an extra sentitive vagina. You need to get boyfriend to cut his fingernails and use lubrication on his fingers before stimulating you. If you continue to bleed, perhaps the oils on his fingers are too irritating to you.

I have herpes can my boyfriend get it if he fingers me then licks his fingers?


Can my boyfriend get herpes if he fingers you then licks his fingers?

Yes it is very likely

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend puts his fingers inside a womens vagaina?

No, she would not get pregnant. For that to happen, she would have to be ovulating, and he would have to have semen on his finger.

Can a virgin get hurt if someone fingers her?

She won't get hurt but she can Bleed

Can you get STDs if your boyfriend fingers you with saliva on his fingers?

It is possible, but not likely to catch a STD in this manner.

If you bleed after your boyfriend fingers you is it bad?

It depends if it's the first time u have had any thing apart from tampons in your vagina. there is a thin layer of skin in the vagina called the Hymen. When this is broken it is common for it to bleed a little bit. This has also coined the phrase "cherry popping". If he hurt you however and u have had intercourse before, nd it's common i would see a doctor.

If u bleed while ur boyfriend is trying to break u in but only the head goes in and ur hymen is still there but u bleed from 2 days after would you still be a virgin?


Can Night from Absolute Boyfriend bleed?

while fighting another nightly 01 series model he began to bleed.

Why did you bleed heavily last night when your boyfriend fingered you?

I didn't.

When your first play guitar do your fingers bleed?

not usually when i started playing they didn't

When your boyfriend fingers you a girl?

This question makes no sense.

How will it affect you poping your cherry with your own fingers?

It does hurt from what i heard but not bad.You wont bleed after losing your virginity.On a scale from 1-10 it would be a 4.

Why does it hurt if your boyfriend fingers you?

Maybe because his fingers are big , he has sharp nails or your vagina is still tight

Why does a girl bleed when a guy fingers a girl?

if that happens you are either too rough or have not waited to insert your fingers until she is wet and aroused enough.

Is it normal for a girl to bleed when she fingers herself?

if you bleed when you first finger yourself then that means that you broke your hymen also known as your "cherry" or you started your period

How do you play guitar by bending your fingers like always but how do you bend them without them hurting?

Everyone's fingers hurt when they begin playing guitar. The best thing to do would be to play until your fingers hurt slightly, but don't overdo it; your fingers will eventually bleed. If you continue playing and bending the strings, your fingers will form callouses. This should only take a few weeks if you play every day.

How do you say boyfriend in sign language?

you do the sign for boy which is a squished "C" right in front of your forehead then the friend sign which is making hooks with your index fingers and twisting your wrists to interlock your fingers

Does a virgin always bleed?

well i had sex with my boyfriend one week ago ...i was virging and i didn't bleed ... so i think it's normal

What did you bleed after you did it with your boyfriend?

say sorry btw that not even make any sent

My boyfriend was born with his fingers and toes stuck together you would like to know what the chances are your baby could have the same as his or her dad it don't bother me at all?

get a new boyfriend otherwise your babys gonna be a duck!

What does your anus bleed?

I belive it would bleed blood.......

How much would one bleed if they were stabbed?

It would depend on where you were stabbed, but you would generally bleed a lot.