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It is very common. Allergies are HEREDITARY! They sometimes don't show up until later in life. Your parents don't have to be allergic to lets say peanuts if you are. As long as ONE person in your whole family tree is allergic to something and you are related to them by blood, then you can develop this allergy.

An allergy is just your body over-reacting to a substance, or allergen, which is comes into contact with. Unless you were born with an allergy (i.e., the cells against that allergen cross the placenta from your mother), then you must have developed it. Here, the first time you come into contact with a substance, your body destroys it and in doing so, creates cells against it. This works brilliantly with germs, as the next time the germ attacks, your body is ready with hundreds of "memory cells" which know how to fight it. Unfortunately with harmless substances, the body can mount an equally aggressive reaction.

For some reason, this response may not always occur instantly. It can require a gradual build up of this substance in your body before you become allergic to it. This is called sensitisation (or sensitization). This can happen against any number of foreign materials.

AnswerYou are not alone. It is thought that the increases stress level from entering the working world can bring this about. Stress heavily taxes one's immune system. Also, allergies are a cumulative sensitization to a substance. It may have taken 24 years to develop a noticeable reaction. . I can relate. AnswerI, too, have developed an allergic reaction to something I eat over the past two years. I am now 27 and it is finally getting bad enough that I'm going to see a doctor. The unknown can certainly make you crazy worrying. My doctor recommended a few things to start strengthening my body. Eat some yogurt w/ acidophilos daily and to take a fish oil tablet daily. My reactions have generally weakened in the last few months w/ exception of last night. Do you find that your reactions are worse when your extremely tired or at night? That's when mine can be the worst. Best of luck in your research.
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Q: Why would you develop new allergies in your twenties?
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