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Blood and WBCs (white blood cells) indicate an infection, either of the bladder, kidneys.

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Q: Why would you have blood and white blood cells in your urine?
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What does High white blood cell count and blood in urine mean?

High white blood cell count would mean an infection of some type. The body raises white blood cells to fight infections. If it is along with blood in urine, it would most likely be a urine infection, which can be cured with antibiotics.

Which one of the following substances in normally found in urine A blood proteins B red blood cells C hemoglobin D white blood cells E creatinine?

Creatinine is normally found in urine. Blood proteins, red blood cells, and hemoglobin are all abnormal findings. White blood cells would indicate an infection.

What is leukocyte ester?

Leukocyte esterase is a urine test that is used to determine the amount of white blood cells. It also can check the existing white blood cells for abnormalities that would be caused by an infection.

Would you expect to see blood cells in a healthy person's urine?

In general, no - urine should be cell free in a healthy person. On occasion you may see a shed epithelial cell or a few white blood cells, but nothing in large quantities and definitely no red blood cells.

What would happen if someone didn't have white blood cells?

They would die of infection. White blood cells fight infection.

What would cause white blood cells in urine?

Sounds like a urinary tract infection, or possibly a bladder, or kidney infection.

What type of blood cells fight colds?

The answer to that would be WHITE BLOOD CELLS

What would happen if you did not have many white blood cells?

White blood cells help your body fight infections. When the count, or number of white blood cells is low, it is easier for you to get an infection.

Can white blood cells kill cancer?

White blood cells do not kill cancer. If it were that simple, nobody would have it.

What is the average number of red blood cells for every 100 white blood cells in the human body?

There are 500 white blood cells to every 1000 red blood cells (or you could say there is double the amount of red blood cells). The answer would be 200 red blood cells for every 100 white blood cells.

What type of tissue would a white blood cells be found?

White blood cells are also known as leukocytes. Blood is considered connective tissue. Some white blood cells leave the blood and migrate to areas of infection.

How would you survive without red and white blood cells?

You can't survive without red and white blood cells.

What would happen if we didn't have white blood cells?

What would happen if we didn't have white blood cells would be we would get terribly sick. White blood cells are responsible for fighting off infections.

Would you die if you had no white blood cells?


What are some typical cells?

Some typical cells would be white blood cells (luekocytes) and red blood cells (ethrocyte)

What would cause white blood cells to be high for over one year?

usually an infection or a disease. white blood cells multiply when their is an infection. the white blood cells are trying to fight off the disease or infection.

What happens when red blood cells eats white blood cells?

They wouldn't if anything white would eat red which is an autoimmune disorder.

What would happen if we had too few white blood cells or none at all?

Without white blood cells you cannot fight of diseases

How do you build your white blood cells?

An infection would increase a person's white blood cell count.

Who would be able to count white blood cells?

White blood cells can be counted by a lab technician, usually a haematologist. When a blood sample is taken the number of white blood cells can be counted and if increased or decreased from the norm this will help in a diagnosis being made.

What are the good cells that destroy bad cells of the body?

Those would be white blood cells.

What is the part of the blood that bolsters the immune system?

That would be the white blood cells.

How many white blood cells would you expect to find for every 600 red blood cells?


If you observe a drop of blood under a microscope which cells would you be observing?

Blood cells. The largest compartment of blood cells are the red blood cells (also called erythrocytes), but you would also see white blood cells (including lymphocytes and phagocytes) and some platelets.

What would happen if you didn't have enough white blood cells?

your immune system would be more vulnerable to diseases and colds that the white blood cells protect you from ( common cold,flu etc.) and you would most likely have to see a doctor for a weekly ( if not daily) for a checkup depending on how many white blood cells you have and or need.