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No-one really knows but it is very common. Sometimes accompanied by a metallic taste. Not very pleasant I am afraid.

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Q: Why would you have extra saliva during pregnancy?
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Can you take extra strength tylonal during your pregnancy?

I don't think so. Normal Tylenol is the only thing and not if you need it a lot which extra strong would be. Any medication you need to discuss with your doctor.

Can a saliva test confirm pregnancy?

It is possible that saliva can show evidence of pregnancy, but the results would not be %100 accurate. When your saliva is viewed through a microscope it shows crystallized "ferning" patterns when your body releases estrogen (during ovulation and right before your period). Your saliva then returns to "normal" once these stages have passed. (Normal saliva shows up as spotted clear liquid when seen through a microscope.) If your saliva continues to show a ferning pattern it may be a sign of pregnancy due to your body releasing more hormones to support the pregnancy. But not all women show this ferning pattern and not all saliva tests can be considered accurate due to the fact that eating or drinking anything prior to the test can contaminate the samples. (These tests should be done first thing in the AM before brushing teeth, drinking, smoking, etc.) Also, as your body prepares for pregnancy it releases hormones at different times so ferning may not show up every day. So in short, yes it is possible that your saliva can show that you are pregnant, but saliva ferning test results can be too unreliable to know for sure. A blood test should be done by your doctor before you can really be certain of pregnancy.

Can you jog during your pregnancy?

You probably can jog during your pregnancy, but to be safe confirm this with your doctor as you could have conditions which this would not be advisable.

Would pregnancy cause TMJ?

stress during pregnancy can lead to tempromandibular disorder

What symptoms would one be experiencing whilst 11 weeks pregnant?

The pregnancy symptoms in the 11th week are morning sickness. Probably in the early second term, it is excessive saliva and there are hormonal changes during this week as well.

Where would you find your saliva?

You will find saliva in your mouth as you have saliva glads there.

When do you start to spot during pregnancy?

Not everyone does spot during pregnancy.. It isn't something I would wait for.. I did with my first but not at all with my second. The question was when not can....some women would begin spotting during their second to third month or pregnancy but it shouldn't be more than that otherwise it would be something to worry about.

What is a safe acne medication during pregnancy?

Something that would not be taken internally; most externally applied benzoyl peroxide products would be best to use during pregnancy.

Backache could you be pregnant?

It is possible if you are having sex. Backaches are not a symptom of pregnancy but they are common occurrences during pregnancy. By the time a backache would be present during pregnancy, you would most likely be pretty far along in your pregnancy. You might consider taking a pregnancy test to confirm or rule out pregnant.

Is decaf coffee safe to drink in pregnancy?

"Decaf Coffee does have caffeine. However, caffeine in moderation is ok during pregnancy. Decaf Coffee in moderation would be safe during pregnancy."

Why would one be spotting during pregnancy?

The most common causes of slight spotting during pregnancy are implantation bleeding, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, and placental abruption.

Where in the mouth would saliva be produced?

In the saliva glands

Does pregnancy cause inflammation in the uterus?

Pregnancy does not cause inflammation in the uterus. Inflammation of the uterus during pregnancy would serve no biological purpose.

If the chromosome number was not reduced during meiosis what would happen during fertilization?

If the chromosome number was not reduced during meiosis, what would happen during fertilization is that the fetus would then have either an extra chromosome or have an extra chromosome. The resulting baby would then have some form of developmental problem.

Can spotting during a pregnancy be a brownish color?

sometimes it can be but i would get it looked at.....

Since periods during pregnancy ARE possible when would be a good time to take a pregnancy test Would one taken during a period be accurate?

If you're period is normal then its highly unlikely you're pregnant. But you can do a pregnancy test 3 weeks after conception.

Does the heart beat of a baby stop during pregnancy?

No, if the heart beat of a human stopped, they would be dead. The only instance where this would not apply is if the infant has an irregular heartbeat. Even during pregnancy, assuming their heart is normal, the beat would go on.

Can you pee in a policemans hat during pregnancy?

The pregnancy itself would not prevent you from doing so but most certainly the police officer.

How far along in the pregnancy do you have to be to get a DNA test?

Your baby would get the DNA test for paternity after it is born. If you are at risk for a genetic defect, then your doctor would discuss that with you during your pregnancy.

Taking pain pills during pregnancy What are the dangers to my unborn baby?

Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is quite safe during pregnancy but I would avoid aspirin and ibuprofen unless prescribed by your doctor.

What is the percent probability to have menstruation during pregnancy?

No one actually has a menstruation during pregnancy or they would miscarry, you can sometimes 'spot' which is light bleeding due to the embryo implanting itself in your womb.

Can a three month pregnant woman go on roller coaster rides?

I would have to say no. The first trimester is the most sensitive of all trimesters during pregnancy. At no time during pregnancy would it be safe to go on a roller coaster.

What are the benefits of pregnancy workouts?

Pregnancy workouts can fight pregnancy fatigue, improve your sleep during pregnancy, conquer pregnancy constipation, Guard against gestational diabetes and of course every mother would want , it makes the baby healthy.

Would the doctor know if you were pregnant during a pap smear?

A pap smear can't detect pregnancy. A pregnancy test is required for that purpose.

What is the muscle in the female reproductive system that dilates during pregnancy?

I believe that would be the cervix.