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i had this happen to myself before. try this, after the engine warms up and then stalls out try to restart it but have another person lay underneath the truck with a rubber mallett and hit the bottom of the gas tank a few times while you are cranking the engine over, if it starts up that will tell you right away that you have a bad fuel filter. also you might want to have the codes checked and see if it is the EGR valve that is bad cause that is a possibility as well.

2006-07-16 00:58:04
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What if the location of the fuel pump on a 1989 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9 liter 2 wheel drive Is it in the fuel tank running great until it warms up then dies and have to wait for it to cool off t?

sounds like dist pickup coil not fuel pump

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JC Whitney is a huge automobile supplier. They carry everything automotive including parts of all descriptions for Dodge Dakotas. AutoZone, online or locally, is a great source as well.

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