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Why would you prefer a flat 100Hz TV over an older version?


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2005-01-16 09:20:44
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A 100Hz TV has a faster refresh rate than e.g. a 60Hz or 50Hz. This means that the picture is updated more frequently and is therefore clearer. "a flat 100Hz": There are 2 types of "flat" TV's. One is the flat panel TV (e.g. an LCD or plasma) and it's only about 4-6" thick. The obvious advantage of that kind of TV is that you don't need a "place" for it, you can just hang it on your wall. The other kind is a normal TV, but with a flat screen. The advantage of a flat screen is that there is less chance of surrounding light interfering with the picture, i.e. the only light that is reflected off the screen is the light positioned directly in front of the TV. Now it's up to you to decide if the advantages are sufficient to invest in a new TV.


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