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Why would your 1997 GMC Jimmy not shift into four wheel drive?


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There is the posibility that the 4 wheel drive engagement device is bad. Thi is common from what I understand in 97. Its kind of a pain , but basically its n electric motor that costs about 300 which engages and disengages the 4 wheel drive. Another posibility is that the switch itself in the dash is bad, but from what I discussed with a local mechanic, the former is more common than the latter.


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possible bent shifting fork in the transfer case, possible electical issues. I'd suggest taking it to a reputable shop to have it checked out.

would the tierod cause the wheel to turn out

True 4 wheel drive has a dedicated low range gear. There are stick shift cars with full time all wheel drive that apply power to all 4 wheels all the time, just like a 4 wheel drive; however, they do not have the dedicated low range gear found on off road 4 wheel drive vehicles and are therefore less capable under those conditions. The average road driver though would not notice a performance difference between the two. The subaru impreza and subaru legacy are cars that have a stick shift and full time all wheel drive. No doubt there are others.

Never! :) No seriously - why would you consider that? Just get a two wheel drive car!

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Yes and no, you would need to have a two wheel drive rear drive shaft.

could be the 4 wheel drive module located behind the glove compartment. If you don"t hear a click when you press the button to engage the module isn't working.

Basically, no. It would be much easier to just buy an all wheel drive car.

When my 4-wheel drive stopped working on my 96 GMC Jimmy it turned out to be the air hose that goes into the actuator was cracked. It was an easy fix. the actuator is under the battery pan, I would start following those hoses and see if any are disconnected or broken.

pretty much you dont convert front wheel drive to rear wheel drive it would involve new engine, new transmission, new differential, new drive shaft etc just cost prohibitve and you would have to change suspension and a lot of engineering would be required just buy a rear wheel drive vehicle

no it is defently rear wheel ================================================== That would depend on which model year , there have been rear wheel drive and front wheel drive versions of the Mercury Cougar's all-time 4 wheel drive.You would have to disassemble the drive shaft ,which in turn would leave you with no 4 wheel drive at all.

Yes but, it would be far less costly to just purchase a 4 wheel drive fourwheeler.

Yes , that would be a rear wheel drive Ford F-250

1. A duff drive axle at the end where it joins the drive hub 2. Collapsed wheel bearing (replace both sides) 3. Might need to replace brake discs and rotors

If it has 4-wheel drive you would see controls on the dash to engage 2-wheel high, 4-wheel high or 4-wheel low.

All true trucks are rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. Because of towing and payload needs trucks are rear wheel drive or 4wheel drive. If you have a heavy loadd in the back of the truck and it was front wheel drive you would not get any traction, the same as if you towing a load.

That would depend on which model year of Chevrolet Malibu ( both rear wheel drive and front wheel drive versions have been made )

To pay someone to do this job would not be cost effective. Better to buy a rear wheel drive vehicle and sell the front wheel drive vehicle.

no you would have to mod the ENTIRE chassis and suspension

4 wheel drive low is used on slippery surfaces or surfaces with " give " like gravel etcetera when you are only travelling at a low speed ( I'm not sure but I would say less than 25 miles per hour ) To shift into four wheel drive low , come to a complete stop , hold your foot on the brake pedal , shift the transmission to neutral and then select 4 wheel drive low and then put your transmission back in gear

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Yes. It would be illegal to advertise them that way if they were not. Though some have the ability to switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive.

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