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remove dashboard and replace 2 bulbs behind it

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Q: Why would your 1998 vauxhall vectra dashboard not light up?
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Where would i find the wiring diagram for Vauxhall Vectra?

Vauxhall Vectra wiring diagrams:

I have lost my manual for my vauxhall cavalier what do the warning lights on the dashboard mean?

warning lights on dash mean something is wrong u would have a generator light a temp , and an oil light

Vauxhall vectra b 1.8 16v do you know bhp of one of these cars?

if you can aswer that for me it would be great

Why would the dashboard lights go out when you turn on the headlights on Vauxhall Astra?

Because it is British.

How many miles per gallon in a vauxhall vectra auto 1.8?

I Believe Its Around 48-52mpg. But Hey Im Only a Vauxhall Technician Not A Salesman That Would Know These Facts

Where would one locate Vauhall vectra deals in the US?

The Vauxhall Vectra is known as the Opel Vectra in the United States. This vehicle is not made in North America, so the best place to find a deal would be in another countries auction, and then export the car from that country into the US.

How do you replace instrument bulbs on a Vauxhall Vectra?

i would suggest that you go and buy a Haynes workshop manual from Halfords as it tells you what to do and has pictures that help, i have changed the bulbs on my vectra and without the book i would not have had any idea where to start.

How much would a car garage cost too change a cambelt on a vauxhall vectra n reg and is it a big job?

i paid £100

2001 Holden vectra dashboard lights won't work?

All my dashboard lights won't work on my 2000 Holden Vectra. Cigarette lighter, stereo, speedo, heater control lights and gear selection lights are all in the dark. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steering is very stiff on your vauxhall vectra 03 plate and and warning light is on Why would this be?

you power steering fluid may be low, if that was the case then you would have lowerd hydrolic power to steer the wheels and have to compensate by using more force...which may be why your steering is stiff.

Why is your battery light on and needles drop on 1.8 vectra?

I would guess it is not charging

How much antifreeze is required for a vauxhall vectra 1.8 petrol engine?

i would 50/50 it just to be on the safe side as you dont want anythign to freeze up.