Why would your 25K credit card limit be reduced to 6K?

My credit limit for one of my cards was reduced due to a negative report that showed up on my credit report as a result of a bad roommate situation. Your friend can get a free copy of their credit report if they contact the credit agencies with 30 days of being denied credit. The credit card company should have sent your friend a letter explaining the credit issues. If the credit card is shared, one authorized user might have actually lowered the limit. Also, if your credit rating is very bad it could happen too. This happened to me too-one from 25000 to 12000- on 4 accounts.I have never been late ever but they said it was due to high balances-so why do they approve and if you use the cards even PAY ontime you are punished? These were merged banks and non merger This has happened to me because of "the manner in which I've paid my account", in other words late payments. It is also possible to have your credit limit reduced if you do not make money for the credit card company. Recently had citibank end a credit card program (att rewards card) and i applied for a similar card that citibank offers. The application was approved but credit limit was $4,000 (a $13,000 reduction from previous card). I finally got the reason from a cust. rep.; it was because of "poor performance". I have never paid any finance charges because I paid off all monthly balances before due. So i did not make enough money for citibank. (anyone know if this practice is legal--essentially dumping people who have done nothing wrong?)