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I had the same problem in an old Chevrolet, and it turned out to be a short in the battery. Check it out.

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Q: Why would your 83 crown Victoria start sometimes then other times not start?
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Crown Victoria will not start?

There are several reasons why a Crown Victoria will not start. One reason could be a dead battery. Another reason is that the spark plugs and plug wires may need to be changed.

If a dodge neon would race a crown Victoria?

if a dodge neon would race a crown Victoria the neon would start of faster but after a while the power of a v8 engine the neon will get left behind the crown Victoria has great acceleration

Does the 2001 Ford Crown Victoria have a shifting sensor on the transmission why wont it shift from second to drive Where do you start?

yes it does you don't need to be in 2nd gear anyways in a crown Victoria yes it does you don't need to be in 2nd gear anyways in a crown Victoria yes it does you don't need to be in 2nd gear anyways in a crown Victoria

What are some cars that start with c?

Corolla; Civic; Chrysler; Crown Victoria

One of the cylinders not workiing on ford crown Victoria 2000?

Have you checked the coil to start with ?

Ford crown Victoria engine stall and die?

Do you mean right after you start it ? When the engines cold ?

What does a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria need checked when battery turns over but won't start?

Spark at the plug, and fuel to start with.

How do you disable 1995 Crown Victoria alarm?

is it just blaring and wont stop or it wont let you start the vehicle?

How do you fix misfire in a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria?

Start with a complete tune up including spark plug wires.

What is wrong with your Crown Victoria it wont start?

see if it will turn over if there is no grinding noise then u need a new starter

Your 2000 crown Victoria will turn over but not start?

Check for fuel, do you here a hum from the fuel tank, and check for spark.

Where is the ignition switch on a 1998 Crown Victoria?

On the right hand side of the steering column. It where you put your key to start the vehicle.

How will you know if the neutral switch is bad in a 89 Ford Crown Victoria?

put it in drive gear and try and start it if it does start while in gear its bad if it doesnt its good.

Why won't the 92 ford crown Victoria start after the battery was replaced?

It would be helpful if you can explain the " won't start " Does the engine turn? If it turns does not fire? Was it running before?

What could make the crown Victoria just turn and not crank?

Fuel, or spark. Also could be something else, but start at the beginning.

How do you install a Ford Crown Victoria window?

If it is a older Crown Victoria,( had to replace a window in 89 grand marq.) you have to take off the door panel to get to the window motor and i believe also there are some springs too, and put it on track. Isn't much of a answer you was looking for but it's a start...

Were do you start tearing apart dash on 1998 crown Victoria to get at the heater core?

Start on the passenger side and with the glove box. Remove that and just look for all the small screws.

How do you bleed the brakes on 1989 Ford Crown Victoria?

The same as any other car. Start with RR, then LR, RF, and end at LF wheel. Do a Google search on brake bleeding procedure for detailed instructions.

How do you turn on the running lights in a 1994 Crown Victoria?

They come on when you start the car. If not, check the fuse, or the module could be burnt out in the front of the car.

Your brake lights don't work you have an 1986 ford crown Victoria what should you check for?

Start with the light sensor on the brake pedal arm.

What year did they start putting PI heads on crown victorias?

I BELIEVE it was the 2001 model year that Ford started using the PI heads ( Performance Improved heads ) on the Ford Crown Victoria

Why want your 2001 Ford Crown Victoria start or make a sound after its been turned off?

Battery could be dead. Check that with a volt meter.

What happens to your 2000 crown Victoria PI when it is cranked and you hear a pop and nothing works until you hit the fuse boxthen it will do the same thing sometimes it will start right up?

loose wire of bad relay around the area of the fuel box. hope it helps. duboff

Why does my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee start fine sometimes other times hard start and cuts off?

why does my 1997 jeep grand cherokee start fine sometimes other times hard start and and cuts off?

Why won't my 1987 crown Victoria start it died while doing 55 and never started there is no spark at all and I changed the fuel filter?

no spark at all.check the ignition coil

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