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The natural highlights in the hair. Hair doesn't have ONE only colour. you have highlights ..naturally.

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Why is Erik the Red named Erik the red?

because his beard was a reddish color

Who is the black footballer with bleached blonde beard Not Song?


What color hair and beard did Robert Gould Shaw have?

He had blonde hair :)

Does blonde beard grow quicker than dark?

yes, blonde beards do grow faster than darker beards

Can bearded dragons eat applesauce?

Well, it depends on what colour beard they have. If they have orange beard, eating applesauce will cause spontaneous combustion. But if the beard is brown or blonde, it will only cause severe gas.

What did guy Fawkes look like?

Tall, muscular and with reddish brown long hair and a red beard and moustache.

Is it normal for a 12 year old to have a mustache?

Mine started growing around 10 and I am now 12 and nobody believes me that I have one, but it goes the whole way across my upper lip and they don't believe me because the hair's are blonde and blonde is hard to see i am also getting a beard

What is the difference between a beard and stubble?

stuble is small bristley hair beard is normal hair on your face

What is edward norton's real hair color?

dirty blonde if u look at some older or newwer pics u can tell when its scruffy the beard is a dirty blonde!

Is it normal to have beard when you are 14 years old?

Well, if you mean a beard that REALLY is a beard, one that you can see from quite a distance, no. But if you're a boy there's not much trouble about it.

What does rubio mean in spanish?

★ blonde ★Spanish: Probably denoting someone with blonde hair or a blonde beard.rubioadjectivefairfair-hairedlightblondduskyyellownounblondRelated phrasesrubio rojizo sandymuy rubio flaxen★ blonde ★

Is it normal to have beard when you are 15 years old?

It depends on how fast you're maturing.

I am 19 and I have thinish blonde hair in all areas of where my beard should be growing it is starting to turn dark and my cousin who is 20 has a full beard will I be able to grow a full beard soon?

most likely a full beard will grow in in a few more years. not every body gets a beard at such a young age as 20. be patient it will come. be happy you are still looking for hair to grow in as opposed to losing hair when older.

Is it bad to have red facial hair?

No it's not bad. My husband has dark brown hair and he has a light ginger to blonde beard. It is just genetics.

How do you grow dreadlocks beard?

You could grow a dreadlocked beard using the backcombing method if your beard is very long. Beard hair has strange texture and won't lock as well as normal hair.the above is totaly falsebeards will dread naturaly when they reach 6-8 inchesi have a dread beard to my knees almost..all natural

How do you get rid of beard dandruff?

The easiest way is to do the same as you would normal dandruff. Beard dandruff typically is caused by the same conditions, and many who have beard dandruff also have scalp dandruff. Try a dandruff shampoo and use as directed.

If you have blond hair why do you have a ginger beard?

Because you possess low amount of melanin (the dark hair gene), therefore you have light blond hair. And because you don't have enough melanin and the area where the beard grows tends to have more pheomelanin (the red hair gene), it grows ginger. Please note that hair color genes can process throughout the age. As melanin can increase in volume and most of blonde haired people become darker haired, even pheomelanin can increase its amount. Therefore, your beard can be, and probably will be, slightly more ginger or darker each year as you age. BTW, I am the same, I have strawberry blonde hair and at first my beard was light blonde, but now it is really red.

Why do Muslims grow long beards?

It's just a sight that your Muslim also putting Hanna witch makes your beard reddish orange color shows your Muslim Sometime Imams witch is the one who call the prays and reads the book at the mosque has a big beard its tradition.

Why has your male bearded dragon got a black beard?

When a male bearded dragon is in mating stance, his beard will turn black to show dominance over the females, it is completely normal. Don't worry

Why was Black Beard called black beard?

He was called black beard because he had a black beard.

Describe this character Paris in troy?

Paris is played by Orlando Bloom. In the movie Paris has curly, bushy black hair with a thin shadow mustache and beard. He is average height( 5'7"-6'0" ). In Homer's Iliad he is blonde with a full beard and his hair is short and straight. He is very tall.

How does Kanye West look like?

He is African-American with black hair. He is not fat, nor extremely skinny. He is normal weight. He has a short beard and a normal African American haircut.

How do you make a red beard?

Hair dye my friend, hair dye. In some cultures, the herb henna is commonly used to give beards a reddish-orange color. This is a common practice among older men.

What is the name of the male british actor aged between 50-60 who has blonde ginger hair and a beard?

If he often plays villains then it's most likely Charles Dance.

Does male pubic hair turn grey?

ALL hair- pubic, legs, armpits, eyebrows, head, beard- can turn grey as you age. Men and women. Or, as I call it- "Antique Blonde".