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Cars are getting too smart for their own good! The sensor is in the latch on many Fords. But before replacing it try this: Spray the latch with a light lubricant like wd-40, 50-50 etc. Open and close the door a few dozen times, spraying the latch every 5 times or so. This is more typical of a Ranger, but may help you.

Thanks for the ideas. I did indeed spray all four door latches with WD-40 and the problem appears to be fixed. Thanks a lot!

Your Welcome...if your still there!

I have been having this problem for at least a year with my 2001 mustang. It would usually go away but this time the lights would not shut out at all when I parked it. So i sprayed wd-40 into the door and I opened and shut the door, then sprayed some more. It worked perfect. Thank you.

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Q: Why would your car think its doors are always open?
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