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This could be due to a number of reasons.

1. Your power supply became unplugged or battery life died. Check to make sure it is plugged into an outlet and the battery still has about 20% left.

2. DVI or VGI cable came loose from the monitor. This would stop the monitor's functioning.

3. You bumped one of the F keys on the top of your keyboard that may of disabled your display.

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Your lg rumor screen is blank?

Why would my screen be blank?

When booting your computer and you see a blank screen but hear a single beep what should you check first?

If its Windows that's normal. It means that Windows has booted with no errors. A blank screen would mean that your monitor is not plugged in correctly to the computer.

Why would a computer screen go blank when the screensaver comes on?

That depends, if you have your screen saver set for a blank screen this would cause it. Also take a look at your power saving options in control panel. See if your monitor is set to turn off after a time of inactivity.

What term identifies a blank screen or animation that automatically displays on a computer monitor after a specified period of inactivity?

That would be your screensever.

What would happen if you moved the ROM from your computer?

If you removed the ROM chip - then powered up the computer, you would simply get a blank screen. The operating system 'kicks in' because the ROM chip tells it to start.

What are the main functions of the operating systems?

Without an operating system, a computer would not operate, and a blank screen with a message (something like) system not found, would be the result.

How do you view computer screenshots?

It kinda depends on how you took that screen shot but if you pressed "alt+print screen" then all you have to do is open any image editor (paint would work) and then paste it on a blank page and there it is.

How much would it cost for a cracked computer screen?

Why would you want to buy a cracked computer screen

What icons did the first computers have?

They didn't have icons, they had a blank screen with a flashing cursor. There was no such thing as a Windows type interface. You would type in commands to tell the computer what to do.

What measurement do use to measure a computer screen?

you would use a ruler to measure a computer screen.

Today i tried to switch my HP pavilion on and for some reason it beeped four times and the screen would not activate it stays blank Could someone advise me please?

First, is the screen power on? If not, you might have a Trojan horse or worm rejecting the computer to turn on. But maybe the computer is old.

What is a blanker?

A blanker is an early form of screensaver which would blank out the screen display when not in use.

If the computer screen is blank when you turn the computer on How do you fix it?

Try this, find another computer and hook the monitor onto it, see if it's blank then.What to do:1) If the monitor is not blank then your other computer probably needs a video driver (need help on this? ask another question and I will try to answer you) ORYour graphics card might be burnt out and you might need to purchase a new one.2) If the monitor is still blank, try to obtain another vga cable(the blue plug thing), if still blank go buy a new monitor**Hope this helps would be able to help you better if i know any previous symptoms or was there next to your computer. Good luck!

If we buy new computer and we don't install any operating systemthen our computer stert or not?

Most computers come with an operating system on them already but if you got one without one then it would turn on, but wouldn't do anything else. It would show a blank screen and nothing else.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a computer screen?

There are almost 0 disadvantages to this. With a computer screen you get to see what you are doing on your computer. Without one there is no point of a computer since you would not be able to use it.

Would a bad inverter board keep your laptop from booting up?

No. The computer would still boot, and you may also hear the fan running. If the screen flickers, is blank, or dim, then you may be suffering from a bad inverter board.

Why would I see a black shadow coming down a computer screen when I am reading something on a white background this only happens on the computer and not all the time is it an eye problem?

There could be a problem with your computer, or your spending too much time on the internet.

What is called the head of computer?

That would be the CPU or the Screen.

Why would a computer be unable to download internet explorer?

It would be unable to do so if it was not connected to the internet

A computer directly connected to the Internet is called?

A computer directly connected to the internet. What else would ir be called?

What is a uniquie number assigned to a computer on the internet?

It would be your IP ( Internet Protocol )

What is the definition of a bridging point?

The definition of a bridging point is where something goes through something to connect. Diagram: Computer with no internet > Computer with internet >> Internet. The bridging point would be between the first ">" and the ">>" means both computers are now recieving internet. For example in computing: some computers do not have a wireless device installed, so to bridge a computer to a computer that has wireless you need a CABLE, the computer that is connected to the internet-enabled computer would be the bridge, and the start point would be between the computer that has not got internet, to the one that has. Hope this helps, and that you can understand it.

When you boot up a computer and hear a single beep but the screen is blank what can you assume is the source of the problem?

The first thing to check after ruling out the cables and the connection to the outlet would be the video card. It could also be the monitor.

Where would you find the 'menu' button on the computer screen?

It would be on the bottom Left of the screen or on a keyboard it would be by the Alt keys.

Why would one use a computer privacy screen?

Computer privacy screens are used to give the impression that a computer's screen is off. It can be used to keep unwanted eyes off a computer screen, which is especially useful for confidential information.

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