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Dear Reader; The timing of periods depends on the body clock in the brain. The brain sends signals which cause hormonal changes and the hormones are the signal which starts a period. The hormones in BC pills can cause a period to come early or late. An emotional event or physical trauma can cause hormonal changes and thus a period change. Dwight

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How early can pregnancy symptoms come?

Most would say 3-4 weeks or after the first missed period.

What can be reason for a period to come two weeks early?

Hormonal changes.

Does azithromycin affect your period cycle?

It made mine come like 2 weeks early.

You have all the signs and symptoms of being pregnant but your period is not due for two weeks is it too early to take a test?

hi there it never to early to do a test but me personally i would wait till your due for your period to see if u come on

If you had your period two weeks ago and you have been tryin to get pregnant and then you just had your period again what does that mean?

It means that you are not pregenet and your period just happened to come early.

Why did your period come 4 days early?

why did my period come 4 days early?

If your period came 2 weeks late one month ago is it supposed to come a month after that or at the scheduled time?

YOur period would come a month after the previous one, not 2 weeks.

What period did Ned Kelly come the early period or later period?

early period

Is conception after your last period or before?

conception occurs appr 2 weeks after ur last period not before because if you got pregnant before your period your period would not come on conception occurs appr 2 weeks after ur last period not before because if you got pregnant before your period your period would not come on

How soon will you be able to tell your pregnant after conception?

after the actually day of sex u have to wait two weeks for an early pregnancy test to come back positive so about the time u would miss ur period. to better explain it women typically ovulate 2 weeks before there next period so is they conceive when they ovulate there period will not come on they will be 4 weeks from lmp and 2 weeks from conception and there pregnancy test results will be positive.

What period did ned kelly come from early or late period?

he came from the early period

Does intense sexual excitement cause your period to come about 2 weeks too early possibly because of vaginal contractions?


Why period has come twice in a month?

Your period comes two weeks after you release an egg. If you happen to release an egg early, your next period will be early. It sometimes happens. That means you don't really know when your "safe, won't have a baby" time is.

What causes a period to be 2 weeks early Came 2 weeks early super watery and a dull light pink with breast lower back and abdominal pains?

One reason a period could come early is because of stress. If you are concerned or in a lot of pain, please visit with your doctor as soon as possible.

Do you get better positive results after at least 4 weeks late on your period?

Well your periods don't always come the exact time.. sometimes when your stress your period would stop then the next month it would come back again. Getting your periods late for 4 weeks don't really matter actually, if your period don't come then that's a problem.

Does pineapple make your period come early?

No a pineapple will not make your period come sooner

Two weeks early on your period why?

there is no exact reason why. it's quite normal for your period to come different days/ weeks of the month. if you're worried about something being wrong or pregnany to occur, it's best to make an appointment with your doctor

What does it mean to get your period 2 weeks early?

If your period doesn't always come at the same time each month, it can change even if you've had it the same time all year round.

Why would you come back on your period 2 weeks after finishing your last one?

idk why it does, but its not unnatural, i get mine for about a week, then for 2 weeks i dont have it and then i get it again.

Period come early from stress?

Stress can cause your period to be early, late, or even skip a month.

If your are pregnant and still seeing your period would it come every two weeks and what should i do?

Go see a doctor.

Does Pineapple make you have your period early?

no it does not. your period will come when its ready to come the only thing that can make it come sooner are hormones

Do your period con on early if your pregnant r do it come on time?

If you're pregnant, your period does not come on at all.

Is it bad if a period starts two weeks early and it's heavy?

If you are still going through puberty, your period may not sort itself out for a regular cycle for years to come. It's not a bad thing.

What are symptoms of pregnancy within the first four weeks?

you will no if your pregnant after 4 weeks by you have not come on your period