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Why would your questions keep disappearing on this site?

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2011-10-19 12:07:25

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It could be that your questions are being moved or changed. For

example, this question was originally posted as "Why do your

questions keep dissapearing on this site?" but it was changed to

"Why would your questions keep disappearing on this site?"

Also, this question was originally posted in the Miscellaneous

FAQ but it was moved to the WikiAnswers Problems and Support FAQ

because it's a question about this site itself.

However, if you had bookmarked the URL of your original question

you would still be able to find it. You could also "watch" the

question by putting it on your Watchlist, if you sign in.

Another possibility is that your question was deleted. Although

this is rare, questions are sometimes deleted when they have been

asked dozens of times before or when they look like vandalism or


If you're still having trouble, please send a message via the

Contact Us form (provided as a Related Link).

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