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Why would your soul mate cut off all contact after making promises to you?

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2007-07-02 18:03:12

Because they are not your soul mate. This is called "game",

which obviously you didn't recognize. How long did you know this

person before you slept with them? It sounds like HE got what he

wanted and is now gone. (i know you're a woman because only women

ask these questions). Your soulmate is someone you will

can depend on his word to either do or try to do the right thing by

you. It won't always happen because we're human and not perfect,

but you can still say that the person is dependable and cares about

you as a whole. This person cared about himself only and you just

didn't fit whatever criteria he was looking for at the time. So,

now you have to re-focus your attention on yourself and move on.

Don't do it thinking that he is going to recognize and come back to it because it makes you feel good and builds your own self

confidence and worth up. Next time you'll know better (maybe).

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