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YOU have to shoulder some of the blame. You have not addressed your marital issues with YOUR WIFE! To put it bluntly you act very smug and have made up your mind it's all her fault and then dragged a clergy into it thinking this would cleanse her soul! Have you ever once asked yourself how you treat her or how she feels about the way you treat her. One does not just get married, raise children and continue on as if that person weren't present and was lucky enough to get a nod from your direction. It also appears you are the ruler of your house and don't give her a chance to communicate. I have a gut instinct your wife is a nice woman and she feels trapped and doesn't know how to deal with the relationship at all or you simply aren't listening! You pressured her into seeing a clergy and I do believe she meant to keep her promise. What have you done to improve your relationship? Probably nothing because you are too busy blaming her. It's time to communicate on a common level and ask how she feels and then tell her how you feel. Women need to know they are loved and need to hear those words every so often or that they are appreciated for what they do. If you are so unhappy with her and truly feel she just cheats to make your life miserable then it's time to leave the relationship. There is nowhere in The Bible that says when married you are to take abuse. I was married before to a verbal/physical abuser and got out! I divorced him and a few years later met and married a wonderful man and we have been married 34 years. I don't feel cursed by God for making this decision.

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Q: Why would your wife admit to a clergy and yourself that she had an 8-year affair which ended 3 years ago and said it would never happen again but you have telephone records of continued contact?
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