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Why wouldn't the AC compressor turn?

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The most likely reason the compressor is not coming on is because you are low on freon. The low pressure switch will keep the compressor from cycling on because damage to your compressor would result. You can jumper across the low presure switch with the engine running and A/C turned on, ( for short time only) this will provide you with question is my compressor clutch good, or am I just low on freon. The AC compressor relay switch may need to be replaced

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Why your car stop when the ac turn on?

bad alternator or ground to ac compressor

Why isn't your ac compressor coming on when you turn on the ac?

most likely it is out of freon

How do you unfreeze ac line?

Turn the compressor off.

What is the compressor on a 2001 Dodge Ram?

The ac compressorThe ac compressor

What powers the AC relay to turn on AC compressor?

For residential equipment it is 24 volts

What would cause the AC compressor of a 2005 Toyota Tacoma not to turn on besides a fuse?

Check the Freon pressure first. The AC compressor will not turn on if the Freon pressure is too low.

Why is F150 ac making a clicking noise when turn ac on?

the clutch on your A/C compressor needs to be replaced.

When the ac is turn on noise comes out what the reason could be?

the ac belt or the compressor bearings are going bad

Does the pulley on the ac compressor turn freely?

IT should turn freely when the a/c is not turned on.

Why does the car turn off when the defrost is on?

If it has AC assist and the compressor is shot, cut the belt or disconnect the defrost from the compressor.

What if your ac shudders really hard only when you turn it on?

Chances are, your AC compressor pump is starting to tie up.

How do you bypass ac compressor in a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

That depends on what you're trying to do. If you just want to make certain it doesn't turn on, unplug the clutch wire at the front of the compressor.

Where is the AC low side service port on 1996 Chrysler concord?

It is on the top of the ac compressor.It is on the top of the ac compressor.

What is an AC compressor clutch and what does it do?

The AC clutch is on the front of the compressor where the belt rides. When power is applied to the clutch it engages to turn the compressor. It is basically a magnet a/c compressor clutch is the ound thing on the front of the compressor with pulley wheel attached. this clutch is an electro magnetic clutch that when electricity is supplied, engages so as the a/c compressor is driven ,which can then pump freon thru the ac system

If my Ac compressor is siezed will my heat work?

Yes just as long as you do not turn on the a/c..............

Can you bypass your ac compressor on a 1999 Nissan Maxima?

The ac won't work without it and there is no reason to- it freewheels anyway until you turn it on.

Why does the AC not turn cold after you installed one can of R134 and it reads in the Blue which shows full for a 1995 Ford Contour What can you do to get cold air again?

If the AC compressor is engaging it could be the heater control valve is stuck open. If the AC compressor is NOT engaging you probably have a problem with the controls, a sensor or the compressor.

What could be the problem with an 03 kia sorento the ac blows hot air the compressor doesn't kick on and the low side freon is high?

AC Compressor has died and needs replacement. The compressor will not turn therefore building pressure in the low side.

Why does the ac compressor on a 1999 escort turn on in fan mode?

A lot of vehicles will activate the A/C compressor in 'Defrost' mode. Either Bi-Level or defroster will turn on the A/C compressor. I know in a lot of GM vehicles, even just the floor selection will turn it on.

How fix Daewoo Lanos 2001 AC that not shut off the compressor?

Turn off the defroster.

Why is it when you turn on your ac in your 1996 chrysler town and country it is smoking from the hood?

Very likely that the ac compressor is locked up and the belt is slipping.

After replacing the ac compressor on a 2000 Chevy Malibu and adding refrigerant the compressor still will not turn on?

check fuse or relay in underhood fuse box,

Can a ac compressor be unplugged in a 98 diamante?

Yes. The serpentine belt will still go around the pulley and turn the compressor, but with no power to it, the AC will not work! Another option is to get a new belt that completely bypasses the compressor, but that may be more than you are willing to tackle.

What could cause your AC in your car to not to be cold and just blow air?

When you turn on the AC, check to see if the compressor is running. If the compressor clutch is not engaging, it might be as simple as low refrigerant level. Automobile AC is not like a home AC. Since the compressor cannot be sealed, the seal always leaks a little and you need to occasionally add a little refrigerant.

Why is car temp gauge going up when your ac is on?

when the AC is on it puts more stress on the engine cause the engine has to now turn the compressor. which in turn adds more heat to the engine.