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Why wwf changed to WWE?

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because of the world wildlife federation (wwf) and because it was fake

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Who opened WWE and why wwf changed to WWE?

wwf changed to wwe because wwf stole the trademark of the World Wildlife Foundation(wwf) and changed the name due to issues in court

When did WWF change to WWE?

WWF changed to WWE on May 5,2002.

Why is wwf now WWE?

because the wwf which is now world wildlife fund did wwf too so they changed it to wwe

What year did the wwf changed to WWE?


What year did WWF start?

i think in 1993 but wwe was started in 1956 the wwf started in the 1950's then it changed to the wwe because the wwf was already trademarked by world wildlife foundation (wwf) in 2003 they changed

Why was wwf change to WWE?

WWF was changed to WWE, because there was another thing with an acronym that spelled WWF that was called world wildlife foundation and it was around before world wrestling federation so that got sued and changed it to WWE.

Why did mrmcmahon name wrestling WWE wwf?

Well, basically yes. But, WWF changed to WWE because WWF was already taken as "World Wildlife Federation" so that's why WWF is WWE. Vince McMahons Father Or Grandfather Found WWE in 1952.

When did wwe Monday night raw debut?

The WWE did not debut. The WWE just changed their name to WWF.

Who is the wwf champian?

The WWF changed it's name to the WWE in 2002 after losing a lawsuit with the World Wildlife Federation. The current WWE champ is Sheamus

Why did mr McMahon change wwf to WWE?

WWF (World Wrestling Federation)'s name had to be changed to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) due to a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund for use of the initials WWF.

Is WWE the same as WWF?

yes, wwe is the new version of wwf

Who was the first people who wresteled in the WWE?

When WWF (World Wrestling Federation) settled a lawsuit with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and changed their name to World Wrestling Entertainment (or WWE) the WWF/WCW Unified Championship title also changed in name to the Undisputed WWE Championship. That happened on May 6, 2002 and the holder of the title at that time was Hulk Hogan.

Has the wwe changed since it started?

Yes it has! a heck of a lot of changes have happened. The wrestlers, the matches like everything wwf was the best wwe is alright but yea its changed a lot

Is WWE and wwf related?

The WWE is the WWF, just with a name change (and less attitude).

Who was the first WWE interconteinental champion?

On September 15 1979 the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship was won by Pat Patterson. This was the debut of this belt. Later on they shortened the name of the belt to WWF Intercontinental Championship and then eventually WWE Intercontinental Championship when the company changed their initials from WWF to WWE.

Does WWF still stand for world wrestling federations?

Yes, WWF does stand for World Wrestling Federation. However, they have changed it to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

How did wcw become WWE?

WCW didn't become WWE, WWF became WWE. Back in the late 1990's-early 2000s, both wrestling promotions WWF and WCW were feuding with each other in the ratings, until WWF bought WCW out and now no longer exists. The reason WWF became WWE is because the World Wildlife Foundation (Also known as WWF) was established 1961, which was before WWWF shortened their name to WWF in 1979. So even though "the company WWE" existed before the World Wildlife Foundation, it changed its name to the World Wildlife Foundation's initials "WWF". So in 2002, the World Wildlife Foundation decided to sue WWF, for the initials which forced the WWF to change its name and it was decided to be from there called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Basicly it went from WWWF to WWF to WWE. No WCW was involved in the process except the fact that WWF bought WCW out.

Tell you about the history of the WWE?

wwe was called wwf until someone said change it into wwe wwf started in 1950

Is wwf coming back?

No WWF is now WWE

Who is the president of the WWF?

WWF/WWE = Debra Marshall

Who is the most popular wrestler in the WWE and wwf?

stone cold in wwf and john cena in wwe

Why is it the WWE and not the wwf?

Its WWE now because there was something else called WWF so they had to change it.

Who is better WWE or wwf?

WWE is the best.

What was WWE called before WWE?


When was wwf made?

The WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation) was founded in 1953. Its name was later changed to WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and then changed again to its current name, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).