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We should carry on using coal power stations because we can make them eco-friendly.

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Q: Why you should carry on using coal power stations?
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How do solar power stations work?

Solar power stations work by using a series of solar cells to convert energy from the Sun into electricity. It is then stored in batteries or transferred to the power grid.

A utilities company is planning to build several power stations in Canada. The company is considering alternative ways to generate comment?

Imagine you are asked to advise the utilities company about the costs (negatives) and benefits associated with the use of fossil fuels in thermal power stations. a. List four costs of using fossil fuels in thermal power stations. b. List four benefits of using fossil fuels in thermal power stations.?

How is energy transferred from power stations to your home?

They are transmitted using transmission lines and cables.

What are the that you should not carry while using compass?

A magnet.

How realistic would it be to use nuclear energy?

there are pros and cons for using nuclear power (as with all power sources). pros of using nuclear power are: it can produce at lot more power than a combustion reaction can e.g burning coal, uranium and plutonium (used in the reactors of nuclear power stations) is fairly cheap. cons of using of using nuclear power include: the waste products of nuclear reactions are incredibly dangerous and take thousands of years to become un-reactive, nuclear power stations also have hefty maintenance requirements, cost a lot to build and don't last as long as more conventional power stations. So to address your question- people are divided over whether the pros of nuclear power outweigh the cons. it may be realistic to nuclear power, however it is very unlikely that it will be the world's main power source.

A student is using weighing paper and a triple-beam balance to measure the mass of a power. which of the following steps should a student carry out first?

pour the sample on the weighing paper

Who is using Nuclear Fission?

Many nuclear power stations in different countries-mainly the US, UK, France, Canada, Russia, and others.

What should be worn using power tool?

Safety glasses should be worn

How is brown coal mined?

it is mined by using a giant bucket wheel excavates or dredgers. they are loaded onto a conveyor belts for delivery to power stations.

Should we think seriously about using sunlight and wind to produce power?

Yes we should.

Do power stations use heat to generate electricity?

Yes most power stations do use heat to generate electricity. Heat energy of the fuel (e.g. burning coal, burning oil, nuclear fission) is utilized to heat water present in the boiler. This heating generates steam, which is then utilized to run the turbine. However some power stations get the energy to generate electricity without using heat (e.g. hydroelectric dams, wind power, sea wave power, solar cell generation systems).

On a radio stations are changed by using what control?


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