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They should not ever be closed they teach people information about these animals and how important it is to try to protect them in there natural habitat.i volunteer for a wildlife preserve and it is so important to teach as many people as we can about all animals.alot of them are being on the verge of being exstinct.the more people learn the more they can do to would be amazed how many beautiful types of wild cats.the leapard,linx.i could go on.that are becoming so very close to being on the verge of becoming,s amazing what one person can do for are animal life .if they were well educated

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What is the pular noun of zoo?

Plural noun for zoo? zoos. All the zoos are closed today.

How a zoo should be a zoo?

it should not have animals locked it cages or be a stuffy place

How do you release a captured animal on zoo empire?

Its captured coz its fence is not closed there is a space where it can get out just move to a closed of area

How do you release animals in containers in Zoo empire?

Its captured coz its fence is not closed there is a space where it can get out just move to a closed of area

Should animals be set free from the zoo?

When a wild animal is mistreated by puting it into a zoo then it should be set free. When a wild animal needs vet treatment then it should be temperarily held in a zoo. When an animal that is normally wild has been born in a zoo and cannot fend for itself outside a zoo then it should remain in a zoo. When an animals habitat has been destroyed or seriously damaged then it should be held in a zoo until then habitat is restored

In zoo empire how do you release a captured animal?

It's captured because its fence is not closed. There is a space where it can get out. Just move to a closed-off area.

Are there any cheat codes for tap zoo?

Try they seem to have a lot of information on TAP ZOO. I know that a few cheats/bugs have been closed by recent updates though.

How do you get into the zoo at night on my sim's kingdom?

you can't it is closed. Except Tim's house on the left.

Should bad zoos be closed?

yes and no it really depands on ow the zoo is bad if its because of the animals then yea but if the zoo's worker's the no they just need to hire new workers

Does Houston zoo need to be capitalized in a sentence?

Yes. It should be Houston Zoo.

Should animals be kept in the zoo or out in the wild?

animals should not be kept in the zoo because they wont get to explore the wild or the nature

Should labradors be in the zoo and why?

labradors shouldnt be in the zoo because they need love and care

Should animals live in a zoo?

Personally, I don't think that animals should be confined in a zoo. But having said that, zoo design is becoming more animal friendly, so that the animal's natural habitate is incorporated into modern zoo design.

Why is the MN zoo closed?

because the government shut down by the replubicans and democrats not agreeing on a budget so the zoo workers got layed off until they find a budget

Animals should be kept in a zoo?


Are open range zoos better than traditional zoos?

An open range zoo is where animals are given more room to roam, while a traditional zoo is a more closed in space. Depending on your preference you will be able to decide which zoo is better for you.

Zoo tycoon cheat sites?

You should check out Zoo Tycoon Unlimited at and Zoo Tek Phoenix at

What are the operating hours of the Indianapolis Zoo?

The operating hours of the Indianapolis Zoo are 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 7pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They are closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

When did knott's berry farm close the petting zoo and ponie rides at knott's?

The Knott's Berry Farm Petting Zoo, Pony Ride and Mule Merry-Go-Round all closed in October of 2002. Woodstock's Wildlife Wonders, the exotic animal stage show that was next door to the petting zoo, closed in November 2002. It was a very, very sad day.

Who are the people that look after the elephants?

The Zoo keppers that where the elephant live in the zoo everyone should know that

For the best zoo coupon, how much would it cost me Can I also use the zoo coupon for any zoo? is the best resource to find any coupons. They should have any coupons for your local zoo. They should also have the other brands you like too.

How do you get the dragons on zoo tycoon complete collection?

start up zoo tycoon, press the new stuff button, and then search map, and select the dragon file. zoo tycoon need now to be closed. so do that. if you 'boot' the game again, you will have the dragon

What should major in to be a zoo keeper?


Should animals be by themselves in a habitat in the zoo?


Should zoo be capitalized in a sentence?

Not necessary