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Most electrial equipment can work without problems on a + or - five percent rule. Thats just a rule of thumb for most devices as electricity is seldom constant and many factors can cause a rise or loss in voltage.

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Q: Will 122V harm electric appliances like HD TV?
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What appliances use bimetallic strips?

Appliances like electric iron, which need a cut off from the electric current from time to time as the appliance is heated adequately, use bimetallic strip for this.

What electrical appliances use electomagnets?

things like the electric bell uses electomagnrts

Are electric cigarettes bad for the health?

I think no because it probably taste like it, smells like it, has smoke like it but does no harm

Why do appliances like electric irons are provided with wooden or plastic handle?

It's to prevent electrical shock; these handles are insulators.

What appliance or device uses a lot of energy?

To the best of my understanding, appliances that use resistance components like electric geysers, water heaters and appliances with sizeable moving parts consume quite an amount of electricity.

Can I purchase other Hamilton Beach appliances to match this apple green toaster?

Yes, you can. Hamilton Beach also makes a few other kitchen appliances like an electric mixer and a blender that comes in the shade of apple green.

What is a description of an electric motor?

Changes eletrical enegry to mechanical energy. Is found many appliances with moving parts, like a vacum cleaner or a blender.

What other invention made the electric battery invention become possible?

Electrical appliances like those which uses batteries..for more detail log on to

Practical application of heating effects of electric current?

Applications of the heating effect of electric current include appliances like electric immersion water heater, electric iron box, etc. An electric fuse is an example for the application of heating effect of electric current.Fan home heaters Oil home heatersAir dryersMost kitchen ovensToaster ovenToasterElectric blanket

Will electric cigarettes help you quit smoking?

No electric cigaretes does not help us from quitting smoke but it will not harm our body . when someone take an electric cigarettes there is flavour of nicotine and smells same and you will feel like same as smoking a real cigaretes and you will continue to smoke

Are electric trains bad for the environment?

Most vehicles harm the environment, including electric trains, however, electric vehicles are cleaner than gasoline and diesel powered vehicles because some electricity is generated from renewable sources like water, wind and sun.

Things that cause pollution in your house?

Pollution in your house can be caused by non using electric appliances like a light on for no reason while your in the other room .It also can be caused by cookers etc.

Can electrical appliances produce ozone gas?

Yes they can. Appliances like Air conditioners release CFC's.

Device that uses electrical energy to do work?

That sounds like an electric motor.That sounds like an electric motor.That sounds like an electric motor.That sounds like an electric motor.

When do you get a short-circuit?

If the cables of the electric appliances is worn out or connected not properly,a short circuit may occured.The hort circuit has a very low resistance that almost all electric current flow through it.Owing to the heating effect,much heat will be generated when there's excess electric current.If there's no electric device like circuit breaker and fuse,a fire will be occured.

10 ways how can we conserve energy?

you can save energy by turning lights of and getting energy efficient appliancesOne way we can conserve energy is, using stuff like electric cars, and rechargeable batteries

How can a person's magnetic field interfere with electrical appliances?

It is possible to create a Theremin-like device, ( but your magnetic field (actually, you are dealing with electric fields) will not do anything to most electronic appliances (except for very sensative things, but you probably dont have those in your house)

What precautions should be taken to the overloading of domestic electric circuit?

Avoid using so many electrical appliances of high rating like refrigerators, geysers etc in one socket or circuit. Electric fuse is an important component of all domestic circuit. FUSE- A fuse in a circuit prevent damage to the appliances and the circuit due to overloading. Avoid short circuiting. Wires in the house used should be properly insulated.

Where can you buy high quality electric ranges?

In this day and age, there are many places to buy large appliances like electric ranges. You can try brick-and-mortar store like Sears, Best Buy, and Home Depot, as well as their respective websites. Additionally, there are businesses that exist only on the web that often have lower prices on identical items.

What major stores can repair appliances?

There are several stores that can repair appliances. It depends on what type of appliance do you want to repair. Apple can repair apple products like Mac, iPod, and iPad. Sears can repair certain electrical appliances, like a TV.

Would a 220 amp air condtioner cool better than a 110 amp? is an energy efficient and cools double a 110.Also used for major appliances like,driers and electric ovens

Why you are using 230v in home applainces?

Some appliances need Hi voltage (double line) like stoves and ranges, also electric dryers and air conditioners need 220-240 power line.

How big are appliances?

There are different types of appliances which come in varied size. Some are quite big like the washing machine while others will be small like sandwich makers.

What is the cost of energy saving appliances?

It ranges for different appliances, have a look at they have info on all kinds of things like that.

Does GE make a black glass cooktop with 5 burners?

If you are looking for a gas on glass cooktop with 5 burners you will like model# JGP970BEKBB. If you want an electric induction cooktop with 5 burners you will like model# PHP960DMBB. Other electric models include PP972BMBB. You can visit the GE website at to see these models and more.