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Q: Will 2003 Ford Mustang rims fit on to a 1998 Ford Mustang?
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Will 2009 Ford Mustang rims fit a 1998 Ford Mustang?

No, the two separate model years you mentioned require a different offset and backspacing from one another. They will not work.

Do 14' Rims from a 1989 Ford Tempo fit on a 1998 Ford Escort?

yes and i have heard mustang rims will aswell but i know for sure tempo and escorts have the same lug pattern

Will Dodge Dakota fit ford rims?

1998 to 2003, definitely not. Not sure about other years.

Do Pontiac firebird rims fit Ford Mustang rims?

No. You'd have to buy an adapter

Will rims from a 1993 Ford Probe fit a 1996 Ford Mustang?

Not directly, no.

Will 2003 ford f350 rims fit a 1999 ford f350?

No, the 2003 Ford F350 rims will not fit on a 1999 Ford F350.

Where can you purchase Mustang rims?

The best place to purchase Mustang rims is going to be an automotive parts or specialty store, such as Autozone or Pep Boys. Some ford dealerships also offer Mustang rims.

Will ford mustang rims fit on Mazda tribute?


Will rims off a 2004 dodge neon fit a 1998 ford mustang from what i have researched a neon lug pattern is 5x100 and a mustang lug pattern is 5x114.3 are these compatible?

No they will not fit.

Where can one find some inexpensive Ford Mustang rims?

Mustang enthusiests can fin a variety of places to find rims for thier beloved Mustang. From discount online sources to at home specialty shops. One can also find rims right from the Ford company.

Will Mazda rims fit a Ford Mustang?

Which Mazda? Which Mustang? There are lots of different lug nut patterns.

Will 1999 Ford Mustang Rims fit on a 1999 Ford Ranger?

if the mustang wheels have 5 lug holes they will fit a ranger

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