Will 5cm sink or float in seawater?

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Will 5 cm cube sink or float in seawater?

It depends on the density of the cube, not the length of its side.

What is something that will sink float sink or float sink float?


Why does an egg float in seawater but sink in water?

The salt in ocean water causes the water to be heavier, making the object more buoyant

Do clothes float or sink?

it will float as long as it is not fully covered water.

How does salinity affect the density of seawater?

Increasing salinity (dissolved salts) raises the density of seawater. Take for instance the Dead Sea. Many things will float in the dead sea where they would sink in the Oceans.

Will arsenic float or sink in pure water?

does Arsenic float or sink

Would a pencil sink or float?

it will float so the answer is yes

Will scoria float or sink in water?

scoria will sink but pumice will float.

Do ALMONDS float or sink?

They sink and they float it just depends on the almond.

How do you make a chocolate sink or float?

How can you make a chocolate float or sink

Will hydrometer float on seawater?

Yes it will

Does anorthite sink or float?


Does cerium sink or float?


Will a papaya sink or float?


Does an orange float or sink?


Does a book float or sink?


Do tanks sink or float?


Does plutonium float or sink?


Do marbles sink or float?


Will a schoolbag sink or float?


Do wax sink or float?


Does dolomite sink or float?


Does a twig sink or float in water?

float i guess what do u think

Does slate float or sink?


What is a procedure for sink and float?

Sink or float procedure is to place the material or object in question into a container of water, to test it to see if it would float or sink.