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Q: Will 9 gold ingots make 1 block in Minecraft PE?
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How do you make a block on minecraft pe?

Get 9 iron ingots or gold ingots or diamonds etc. Then go to your crafting table it in one of the menus it should be there.

What should you make with 7 gold ingots in minecraft?

you could make gold pants with 7 gold ingots or you can make a gold helmet with 5 gold ingots and you have 2 gold ingots left which you can make a gold sword if you have stick

How can you make gold in a furnace on minecraft?

By smelting Gold Ore, you produce Gold Ingots.

How do you make bouster rails in Minecraft?

6 gold ingots 1 redstone

How do you make an iron block to an iron in Minecraft?

All you have to do is place the iron block in a crafting slot and it turns it back into 9 iron ingots, the same amount of ingots that created the iron block

How do you activate the Nether portal in Minecraft pocket edition?

In order to make it you need 4 gold blocks (36 gold ingots) Three diamonds and 6 iron ingots (nether core reactor) and 12 cobblestone.

How do you craft a sword?

In Minecraft one stick "somewhere at the bottom of your crafting table" and two cobblestone,iron ingots,diamonds,gold ingots,etc above the stick make a sword.

How do you get the gold out of the gold blocks on Minecraft?

I am assuming are talking about the gold blocks you mine? You simply need to put them in the smelting slot (top) in a furnace and power it with something like coal, charcoal, lava buckets, and other things (this is on bottom). You should get gold ingots from it. You can create gold blocks by filling every slot in the crafting table. If you mean the gold blocks that you make, then put the block in a crafting sqare and out comes 9 gold ingots

How do you make a steel pickaxe in minecraft?

Craft it using iron ingots.

What can you make out of leather in minecraft?

You can use it to make armour, in the same way as you can make it from Iron Ingots.

What can you make out of gold?

Jewelry, computer connections, ingots.

How do you make a watch in minecraft?

You need two materials: gold ingots (4) and redstone dust (1). In a crafting table, put the redstone in the center box and gold ingots directly above, below, left, and right of it. (4) R = redstone G = gold _= empty _G_ GRG _G_

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