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Will Barack Obama force us onto collective farms?


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The only ones who need to fear re-education are those who resist. You either believe in economic justice or you believe in the US Constitution. Make the wrong choice and suffer the consequences.


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No. Barack Obama was never in the military.

Collective farms were large, government controlled farms formed from small farms that were surrendered by force. These were common in socialist regimes.

Yes, unless totally foreseen circumstances force him out of the race.

While Barack Obama is not in favor of any war, he supported Israel's Right to use force to contain the situation of Gaza. However, he was critical of the Israeli response and noted that it was disproportionate.

He was on Air Force One, on his way back from a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

Barack Obama is EXTREMELY pro choice... any age (before birth); any reason (or no reason); force people who find it appalling to pay for it... Karma: What goes around comes around.

Pres. Barack Hussein Obama did not force Congress to raise gasoline sales taxes. The president wanted Congress to raise the federal gasoline excise tax but the Republican led House refused to do so.

Barack Obama did not participate publicly in the National Day of Prayer (the Christian one). But he did not cancel it. What he did cancel was the National Day of Prayer Service.Also, representatives from the other branches of the government were at liberty to attend an event held by the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

When the President of the United States of America travels by airplane, that airplane is referred to as Air Force One.

No, this is an internet myth, and it's not very logical. During the last war when there was a draft-- Vietnam-- in the 1960s, Barack Obama was a young child (he was born in 1961). By the time he was in his teens and old enough to join the military, the Vietnam War had been over for a while. There were no other wars at that time, and there was no draft either, since the US had gone to an all-volunteer force. Barack Obama went to college, and did not "dodge" anything.

The Commander in Chief of all m ilitary services is the current President of the US. In this case, that is President Barack H. Obama.

He forced the farmers to work on big collective farms, they had to give up their own farm and land. Those who did not want to where sent to ''work'' camps in Siberia or just killed. Through force his collective farms were created. However, he could not "force" bountiful crop yields. The combination of bad weather, shoddy farm machines and unrealistic goals created all that was needed for failure. His demands were high in order to feed his army and his factory workers. The net result was often the opposite of his intentions.

The jet does not belong to Mr. Obama, and in fact, he did not buy it. "Air Force One" is the official presidential air plane, and it used by the President of the United States, whoever that president is. Mr. Bush rode in it when he was president, and Mr. Obama rides in it now.

All kinds of people are involved i am currently in haiti helping out and we have many air force bases and President Barack Obama is helping out and all the relief fundraisers going on for haiti...

Hammi, of course! Ham Cheese Nevada Binnia Uno Sierra Wilbur Lady Tramp Wasp Honeybee Stormgirl Binky Ethan Air Force Barack Obama

He has not said much about it. But we may assume from other things he has said that he believes such decisions should be between a doctor and a patient, and that the government should not force its will on anyone in matters of private morality.

The head of the US Armed Forces is the Commander-in-Chief, one of the titles and roles of the President of the United States. The current Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces is Barack Obama.

No Obama is he loves flying around in that Air Force One. NO. Obama is. He loves to fly in that Air Force One.

There are numerous symbols associated with Barack Obama: Presidential symbols: Seal of the President Air Force 1 Astrological: Leo (August 4, 1961) Law: Scales of Justice Democratic Party: Donkey Nobel Prize: He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in his first year of presidency.

Whether it was President Bush or President Obama, all presidents must be protected, and all presidents need to campaign sometimes. So, the taxpayers do pay for Air Force One, no matter who the president is, and no matter what he is doing. It should also be noted that most of the time, even when a president is campaigning, he may also combine it with official business. Since the president is the leader of our country, his safety is essential, which is why Air Force One is available to him.

He isn't. But then again, who the hell knows what a "securuty force" is?

Augustus Caesar gained office by force and was entitled to hold office until his death or forcible ouster. He had near-absolute power. Barack Obama was elected by a majority of voters and must run for reelection or resign after four years in office. His power is limited by the Constitution and other laws, and by the will of Congress.

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