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He's currently dating musician Abi Fry, and I'm pretty sure she's a fan!

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What school did Dougie Poynter go to?

Dougie Poynter went to Straid Primary School in Essex.

How did dougie poynter get dead?

dougie poynter is not dead

Who is hotter Harry Judd or Dougie Poynter?

Dougie Poynter

What nicknames does Dougie Poynter go by?

Dougie Poynter goes by Doug, Pugsley, Hoodrat, Butty, and Captain Doug Wash.

Who does dougie poynter go out with?

Frankie from the saturdays

When was Dougie Poynter born?

Dougie Poynter was born on November 30, 1987.

Is dougie poynter from mcfly dead?

Dougie Is Poynter Is Not Dead he is In FACT still alive

Is Dougie poynter dating Frankie nowadays?

No. Dougie Poynter is dating Abi Fry.

What is the birth name of Dougie Poynter?

Dougie Poynter's birth name is Douglas Lee Poynter.

Did Dougie Poynter go out with Hannah Montana?

NO! Abi Fry.

What is dougie from mcfly real name?

Dougie Poynter

Will dougie ever go out with one of his fans?

Dougie Poynter? Oh, tell me, Dougie Poynter is who you're talking about -- I absolutely adore him. But anyhow, if it's a celeb your speaking of, no one here can that. We're not Dougie. And I bet even Dougie can't see the future -- whether he'll fall for a fan or for another celebrity, or maybe for a girl that he knew before he came to fame. Who knows? We can only hope (;

Is dougie poynter British?

Yes, Dougie poynter was born in Essex 1989 all the mcfly boys are british.

What is dougie mcfly's whole name?

Dougie Lee Poynter

Does Dougie Poynter have a girlfriend?

Dougie is still with Abi Fry.

What is dougie poynters full name?

dougie lee poynter

Who is cuter dougie poynter or nick Jonas?

Dougie for sure.

Is Dougie's full name Dougie Lee Poynter or Douglas Lee Poynter?

Dougie Lee Poynter it just a name from Mcfly but his real name is Douglas Lee Poynter! that's what his name is

What is the shoe size of Dougie Poynter?

Dougie Poynter is a size 8 in men's shoes, but normally wears a size 9.

What is the Dougie Poynter from McFly's father's name?

It's Gary Poynter.

Who is jazzie poynter?

He is the younger sister of McFly's bassist Dougie Poynter.

Dougie is not taken?

Dougie Poynter is taken, he is dating Abi Fry.

Telephone number of the Dougie poynter?

what is dougie poynter's girlfriend called

What is dougie poynter's personality like?

dougie poynter is out going and sporty

Is dougie poynter a dad?

No, he is not a dad.

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