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yes, they are, they are releasing an album in late 2008 and they have also released a new album under the name of "The Foxboro Hottubs"

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What songs will Green Day have in their new live album when it comes out?

It already came out. You can find the list of songs on amazon or Green day Authority.

Does green day still record new songs?


Will green day have another CD?

Yes... There is a new live album out soon with new songs on and maybe a new album with tons of songs on :)

When did Green Day start making their songs?

Green Day has started making their songs in 1990.

What new songs have a ground bass?

apologize by timbaland loads of songs by green day u2 with or without you and loads more :)

How many green day songs have Glee convered?

As of right now there have been no Green Day songs on Glee.

Where would one find lyrics for Green Day songs?

There are a number of sites that offer lyrics for songs including Green Day songs. A wide range of Green Day lyrics can be found on Metro Lyrics and AZLyrics.

What are the songs in kerplunk by green day?

all of them are by Green Day except My Generation that's by The Who

What songs does Green Day sing?

The band Green Day has been making music for over 20 years, and has produced over 100 songs. Green Day songs include "American Idiot", "Holiday", "Good Riddance", and "Warning".

Will Green Day come out with new songs in 2011?

yes there is one already out called "ciggarettes and valentines"

What is the meaning of green day and songs?

green day means a day spent smoking pot and they have 300+ songs i cant explain the meanings of every single one

What songs have green day covered?

My Generation by The Who...

Where do green day play there songs?


When will green day bring out a new album?

they've been working on new material. Billie wrote a lot of songs while he was in New York.

List all the songs made by the band green day?

Can't you look that up yourself? There are over 150 songs by Green Day. go to if you really want to know all the songs.

What Guitar Hero has green day songs on?


Does green day have bad words in there songs?

yeah, they do

How many songs do green day have?

154 in all

What movies has Green Day songs?

transformers 2

How many songs green day has?

154 in all

How do you get green day songs in Guitar Hero 3?

There are none, if you saw them on youtube, its because they make charts on their and its all technical and stuff. But there are no Green Day songs on any Guitar Hero, sadly.But there is Green Day Rockband out now!

What came out in 2007 and has Green Day playing songs at the start?

Green Day played the theme to The Simpsons Movie.

What green day songs cuss?

You mean: "Which Green Day songs cuss?" Oh my- There's a LOT of them, you're better off just looking that up for yourself! :P

Is there a cheat to get Green Day songs on Guitar Hero?

i dont think ive ever heard of a green day song being on guitar hero, but there are green day songs on rock band but im pretty sure that there are no cheats on rock band.

Does green day have swears in their songs?

Yes, maybe a quarter of all there songs have some profanity

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