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Will Japan rule the earth?


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It is unlikely that any country will ever "rule the earth".

ANSWER:Maybe not the earth itself, but it could take over a lot of other countries out there who are in debt to Japan. Example: The USA.

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the shogun conquered the emperor and gained rule on japan

Shogun assumed power or rule in Japan after being selected by the emperor

Britain never ruled Japan.

Miss Earth Japan was created in 2001.

Japan does not have a moon. The Earth has the moon. Japan is a country on the Earth, so there is sometimes a moon over the skies (the night skies, that is) of Japan.

The emperor in Japan lived in Japan to rule.

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Germany planned to rule Europe (and then Russia). Japan planned to rule Asia (and then the Pacific).

He just had the biggest balls in the world, leading to his rule over all

Hideki Tojo was the dictator of Japan during WWII.

the emperor was a figurehead for the shogun the real rulers of japan were the shogun a military force

They did not literally rule the Earth. This is an expression that is meant to explain that dinosaurs were the dominant group of animals on Earth at a time and were (usually) at the top of the food chain.

To unify Japan under his rule.

Tattoos are associated with gangs in Japan. I assume the rule is in place to keep out

No. Malaysia was not affected by the Japan earth quake

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Japan never had to gain Independence. Japan had never been under foreign rule. It almost lost its independence in 1952.

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