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Will Jeff Hardy be in Royal Rumble?

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he wiil be back in 2011 royal rumble

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Was Jeff Hardy in the 2010 Royal Rumble?

Not In 2010 Royal RumbleNo, Jeff Hardy has joined TNA.

Have Jeff hardy been in the royal rumble match?

Yes! Jeff Hardy has been in a couple WWE Royal Rumble matches. Im not sure when he was in the Royal Rumble matches, but I know for sure that he has been in a couple. I also know for a fact that Jeff hardy was in WWE Royal Rumble 2003. Hope that answered your question.

Will Jeff hardy face edge at royal rumble?

He faced edge at the royal rumble 2009

Was Jeff Hardy in the Royal Rumble?

No he is on the new show TNA.

When is edge returning?

royal rumble or wrestlemania 26 Jeff Hardy will to

Will Jeff Hardy will comeback in wwe?

yes i will say @ the royal rumble where he will win the rumble with entry # 30

Will Jeff hardy return at the royal rumble 2010?

no he has signed with TNA impact

Is Jeff hardy in the royal rumble 2010?

from what i hear all over the place the extreme enigma will return at royal rumble or even WM26

Who is going to be at the royal rumble 2011?

Jeff Hardy won Royal Rumble 2011!He is gonna be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Will Jeff Hardy return to Raw in Royal Rumble?

i am not sure but i am 90 percent sure he will

Who will win the royal rumble in 2011?

60% the undertaker 40% Jeff hardy Well Jeff hardy is in tna i think triple h will win :)

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