Will Kane be champion to 2011?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No, I think its in the story line that CM Punk will keep it til OTL when he looses it to Daniel Bryan possibly, but I doubt it, he is Best In The Word :'D

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Mostly likely.

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Q: Will Kane be champion to 2011?
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Do Kane be champion to 2011?

Kane no be champion to 2011 because edge won agens Kane

How many times Kane have been world heavyweight champion?

once as far as 2011

Why is Kane attaked john Cena?

because John cena is a real champion and kane do not wants john cena to become champion

Who is the best WWE champion ever?


Who won the WWE world heavy weight champion ship edge or Kane at survivor series?

Kane became still World Heavyweight Champion.

What champions are there in SvR 2011?

Can't Wait Till Tomorrow! Anyway. Sheamus Will Be The WWE Champion. Kane. Will Be The World Heavyweight Champion. The Miz Will Be The United States Champion. Dolph Ziggler Will Be The Intercontinental Champion. The Hart Dynasty Will Be The Unified WWE Tag-Team Champions. Melina Will Be The Divas Champion. Michelle Mcool Will Be The Woman's Champion.

When is Kane going to be the world heavyweight champion?

Don't Know. But he is now the ECW Champion

Will Kane ever win the world heavyweight championship?

In my opinion yes. kane has been wwe champion and ecw champion but i think yes to the world championship.

Who wins the nights of champion 2010 undertaker vs Kane?

Kane wins The undertakers father turns on him

Who is the WWE heavyweight champion?

Kane but it should be rey mysteri

Who is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

As of November 2010,Kane

Is Kane heavest weight champion?

if you mean is he world heavy weight champion the yes. but if you say in he the heaviest world heavyweight champion then no because yokozuna was