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NO.. there is a 0% chnace that MLB 09 The SHOW will be released for the Xbox 360. The game is meant to be played on SONY consoles

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Q: Will Major League Baseball the show come out for xbox360?
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How many Major League Baseball players have come from Guatemala?

There are at least 3 Major League Baseball players who have came from Guatemala.

Will Major League Baseball 2K13 come out for wii?


When does Major League Baseball 2k10 come out?


When will Major League Baseball 12 the show come out?

March 6th

Why is Major League Baseball the show not for xbox 360?

will mlb the show come out for xbox 360?

When did Major League Baseball 2k11 come out?

It was released May 8, 2011.

What sport teams come from Ohio?

The state's major professional sporting teams include: Cincinnati Reds (Major League Baseball), Cleveland Indians (Major League Baseball),Cincinnati Bengals (National Football League) Cleveland Browns (National Football League),Cleveland Cavaliers (National Basketball Association),Columbus Blue Jackets (National Hockey League),and the Columbus Crew (Major League Soccer)

In major league baseball can a baseball player be put in the game after it has started?

yes but the player who was in and is switching with the new player must come out and can't come back in

What major league baseball team had the most come from behind wins in 2011?

The Arizona Diamondbacks with 48

What Major League Baseball team starts with the letter L?

There is no Major League Baseball team whose nickname starts with the letter L. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim come from cities starting with the letter L.

Do baseball pitchers hit?

In the minor leagues pitchers do not come to bat. They all use the designated hitter rules. In Major League Baseball pitchers come to bat in the National League, they do not bat in the American League where the designated hitter rule is employed. During inter-league play, the All-Star Game and the World Series, pitchers from both leagues come to bat if the game is being played in a National League park.

Are there any leagues after major league baseball?

No. The Major Leagues are as high as you can achieve in Baseball. A prospect usually starts in single A then can advance to double A then triple A is the closest you can come without being called to play in the MLB.

What is the percentage of major league baseball players that come from California?

14%. I actually did the math in March of 2013, but only included starters.

What year did the New York Yankees come into Major League Baseball?

The Yankees began playing Major League Baseball in 1901, at the time they were known as the Baltimore Orioles. In 1903, they moved to New York and were renamed the New York Highlanders. In 1913, they changed their name to the New York Yankees.

Does the new xbox360 slim come with Kinect?

no it does not come w/ the new xbox360, but the the normal xbox360 does work perfectly fine w/ the kinect. the new xbox360 is not required to play kinect.

What professional sport teams come from Maine?

The Portland Sea Dogs- Minor League BaseballPortland Pirates- Minor League Hockey, AHLBangor Lumberjacks, minor league baseball, Can-Am LeagueLewiston MAINEiacs, minor league hockey, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

When will Major League Baseball 11 the show come out?

The release date is set for March 2011. March 8th 2011

When Will Xbox360 The Future Come Out?

i dont think there will be a xbox360 future so it might never come out.

Can a pitcher come in and out of a game when there has been a couple of different pitchers in the game including the starting pitcher?

Not in minor league or major league baseball. Once a player is taken out of the game they may not return.

Did the PS3 come out before the xbox360?

The xbox360 can out first before the ps3.

Do you have to go to college to become a professional baseball player?

No, major league players come from all ranks, high school, community college and full colleges. In the past, some major league players were still in high school, or dropped out of school and played. Not recommended.

When did the xbox360 come out?


When did Babe Ruth come in the Major league?

Babe Ruth made his Major League debut on July 11, 1914 with the Boston Red Sox.

What are 5 frames of reference in Major League Baseball?

The five frames of reference refers to how Major League scouts grade a players ability. The five frames are Running, Throwing, Fielding, Hitting and Hitting with Power. Each are then graded on what is referred to as the 80-20 scale. 80 being the Major League best and 20 the Major League worst. For example, you may hear scouts grade a pitcher with a 88-90 MPH fastball as a 50, or Major League average. There are just a few pitchers with an 80 fastball...Randy Johnson and Aroldis Chapman come to mind.

When will Minecraft come to xbox360?

The official release date for Minecraft on the Xbox360 is June 30, 2012