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Q: Will Matt Smith only be playing for 2 years?
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How old is the new doctor Matt Smith?

Matt Smith is only 26 years old

Does Matt Smith have a younger brother?

No Matt Smith has only one sister called Laura Jayne Smith

Is Matt Smith in any other films?

Matt was only in Waterloo road.

How many series of doctor who is there with Matt Smith?

so far there is only one completed series with Matt smith, but they just did the first episode for his second one.

Who is the only minnesota gopher alumni playing in this years super bowl?

In Super Bowl XLV, that is tight end Matt Spaeth of the Steelers.

Does actor Matt Smith have any siblings?

yes he does but we only know he has a sister

Who will be the 12th Doctor Who?

They won't be planning that far ahead, Matt Smith will probably be around for a few years, when he decides to leave then they will start looking for his replacement, not now when he has only just started.

Is Matt Smith the last doctor?

No. A timelord can regenerate 12 times, Matt Smith is only the 11th doctor. Also the master got around the whole 12 regenerations thing so I would hope that the doctor will too.

While playing the game twister can your behind touch the Matt?

No. Only hands and feet.

Is Matt Smith an only child?

He has at least one sibling - a sister called Laura Jayne Smith who is a dancer for Take That - she appeared in Eric Prydz's 'Call On Me' video too :D

Which is the best Doctor in Doctor Who?

Judging on popularity in his years at Doctor Who, I am going to say David Tennant because of his acting skills. I am going to say Matt Smith because of his acting skills and he is good and because he takes it seriously. Tom Baker is considered the best doctor by many fans because not only did he play the Doctor for 7 years, he is still a fan favorite 29 years after he finished his tenure. I love doctor who and i am a huge fan and have watched every series and episode but most of all i like Matt Smith because he shows his passion and happiness in his acting, he has good skills. I used to like david tennant but from my point of view Matt smith has blown me away!

What are some info about Willow Smith?

She is only 10 years old, and is the daughter of the actor/singer Will Smith :) x

Which AFL player has won the Norm Smith Medal twice?

Andrew McLeod won it in 1997 and 1998, (the only player to receive it in consecutive years) whilst playing for Adelaide. Gary Ayres also won it twice, in 1986 and 1988, whilst playing for Hawthorn.

What is wiilow smith's boyfriend's name?

Singer Willow Smith is only 12 years old at this time and is not reported to have a boyfriend.

Is the last doctor in Doctor Who Matt Smith?

Actually... Matt Smith is the last doctor. He is actually the 12th doctor because of some secret regeneration. I'm not sure what it is but a lot of people have told me that it was David Tennant's hand regenerating in season 4. It could be this, or something Else. Matt Smith also used one of his regenerations to heal River Song's broken hand in season 7. So by now, he can technically only regenerate 11 times so that means 12 doctors. Hope this helped.

Who were the three actors who auditioned for the Eleventh Doctor role?

Lots of actors auditioned, the only actors I know who auditioned are Matt Smith and Paterson Joseph.

Who will be the next Dr Who after Matt Smith?

They have not chosen anyone to play the next Doctor. Auditions only start when the current actor gives notice of leaving.

Why Pocahontas didn't marry john smith?

Well because when she saved John Smith Pocahontas was only 12 years old ans John Smith was a lotolder then her

Does Will Smith have a daughter?

yea he does and her name is Willow Smith she sings whip my hair and she is only 10 years old!

Who does Willow Smith love?

Her family, I presume. As she is only 10 years old.

Do you think Willow Smith is grown?

No because she only 9 years old.

Is Willow Smith getting married?

No, she's only ten years old.

Did Willow Smith date prodigy?

no she is only ten years old the same age as me

Does Matt Smith die in Doctor Who?

At some point, the Doctor will regenerate again. This is a device to allow different actors to play the same character over several decades. Regeneration causes not only a different physical appearance, but a new emotional outlook and new personality. Look for Matt Smith's Doctor to regenerate some time after the fiftieth anniversary season begins in 2013.

Is Willow Smith going out with someone?

no she is not apparently and why would she she's only 10 years old