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It's the provider's office responsibility to forward the bills to the correct insurance for payment. When using Medicare along with a Medicare Supplement, you'll show both your Medicare Card and your Supplement insurance company's card at time of payment. The provider's office will bill each card accordingly.

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Q: Will Medicare automatically forward to Supplement Ins co?
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Why is your part time employer withholding medicare ins pay?

Medicare is withheld from virtually all earnings.

Do you have to have medicare if you pay your ins?

No, but your private insurance carrier might require you to do so.

What happens to your spouse medical ins when you move to medicare?

If/when your spouse is 65, s/he will probably qualify for Medicare as your spouse. At that time, her/his private insurance will probably insist that s/he apply for Medicare.

As a federal gov retiree having BCBS ins what happens to BCBS policy when I turn 65 and have to enroll in Medicare?

whT happens to my ins. When I turn65qqq

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Do you have to have Medicare Ins if you are 65?

There's no law/regulation requiring this; however, your private insurer might require it.

Do you obtain a authorization for secondary ins when medicare is primary?

after getting the payment from medicare (Primary) then secondary (X/Y/Insurance should pay even if there is no auth. And only this happens if secondary insurance follow medicare guidelines.

I had group health ins from my wife Medicare was my secondary -- disability We've lost group health Do I need to call Medicare to switch from secondary to primary?

Yes -- It is ALWAYS best to call to coordinate your benefits

Is medicare part C a tax deductible health ins premium?

Yes, if you paid it and it meets the other IRS eligibility rules.

How would two secondary insurance work?

my husband retired in 1986 and have had medicare and two supplement ins. After all these years one of the Dr's office called to tell me we cannot have two supplements I am wondering why not the one we use mainly for our medicine and now this office is trying to make me cancel one I feel it is none of there business what you have in ins. I am thinking of just leaving things like we have had them for all these years. Do you have any advice on this subject. I thank you Barbara

Does Medicare have its own supplement ins?

Original Medicare Part A and Part B has proven to be a lifesaver for many American seniors by providing coverage for health care services. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover everything. Original Medicare requires enrolled individuals to participate in cost sharing through certain out-of-pocket expenses:DeductiblesCopayment chargesCoinsurance requirementsLimits on how much Medicare will pay for certain expensesMany low-income Americans can get help with such out-of-pocket expenses through Medicaid. For all other Medicare enrollees, Medicare Supplement plans were created by private insurers to help address these other health related costs.Medigap supplements traditional Medicare Part A and B programs by covering many of these out-of-pocket costs, but it is not Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans are offered by private health insurance companies and regulated by the federal and state governments.Private Medicare Supplement Providers. Medigap insurance policies are provided by insurance companies, not by the federal government.Federal parameters. The federal government defines the Medigap plans that may be offered to Medicare enrollees. In most states the Medigap plans are standardized and range from Plan A to Plan N.State approvals. Individual states must approve insurance companies who can sell Medigap plans in their states, as well as which plans can be offered to their residents.Required Medigap BenefitsAll Medicare Supplement plans must offer a basic set of coverage:Coinsurance requirements on preventative care with Medicare Part B. Coinsurance is typically a percentage of the fees charged for service, supplies or care. All Medigap plans cover this coinsurance, with some limits based on plan options.Coinsurance on hospital stay with Medicare Part A. All Medicare Supplement plans cover the coinsurance on hospital costs, up to an additional 365 days after Medicare hospital benefits have run out. This is especially useful for lengthy hospitalization.THIS INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE in the related link.Copayment or coinsurance on Medicare Part B. Medigap plans cover 50 to 100 percent of copayment and coinsurance requirements on Medicare Part B.Copayment or coinsurance on Medicare Part A hospice care.Medigap plans cover 50 to 100 percent of copayment and coinsurance requirements on Medicare Part A hospice care expenses.Blood. Most hospitals get their blood at no cost from subsidized blood banks. However, if a hospital has to purchase additional blood for you, it will charge you for that blood. Medigap plans cover up to 100 percent of the cost for the first three pints of blood.If you live in Massachusetts, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, the Medigap policies are different.Additional Medigap Benefits AvailableIn addition to the required benefits listed above, the various Medicare Supplement plans available offer some or all of the following benefits:Skill Nursing Facility Care CoinsuranceMedicare Part A DeductibleMedicare Part B DeductibleMedicare Part B Excess ChargesForeign Travel Emergency (up to plan limits)If you live in Massachusetts, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, the Medigap policies are different.Important Medigap ConsiderationsAs you start shopping for Medicare Supplement plans, here are a few issues you need to keep in mind:THIS INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE in the related link.Only One: A Medigap policy only covers one individual, which means that if you and your spouse need coverage, you will each need to purchase a policy.Premiums: Since you must have Medicare Parts A and B to qualify for a Medigap policy, you will have to pay monthly premiums for Part B to Medicare and monthly premiums for your Medigap policy to your private insurer

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