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he wont at least not in the WWE because he is now Wrestling on TNA

Specifically Michael "Mick" Francis Foley--alias Mankind, alias Dude Love, alias Cactus Jack--is a storyline stockholder in the company. He's currently embroiled in a rivalry of sorts with Bischoff and Hogan, who just came to TNA to make that company better than the WWE ala WCW of old.

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Q: Will Mick Foley ever present the character of Dude Love or Mankind again?
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a.k.a Mick Foley who has made tremondous sucess as the physcotic, crazy, and often times bizarre character named Mankind of the period called "The Attitude Era". He is a semi-retired wrestler who is under contract with WWE making on and off apperances. I hope he does appear as Mankind again so I can relieve one of the greatest gimmicks and characters in the business. But the odds of that happening are slim to not. Because he is a guy who occasionly wrestles if it is a huge situation. And also not long in putting his career in the WWE Hall of Fame. But I hope we see Mankind again.

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