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Q: Will Pokepark come to Taiwan again?
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When is Pokepark 3 Wonders Again out in the US?

pokepark 3 Wonders Again is actually not a real game. It was just made up by a fan. Nintendo never confirmed that Pokepark 3 was real.

Where do you find groundon after you get him to come to the Pokepark?

Lava Zone.

When does Pokepark come out?

it is already out, i have even finished the game!!

When does Pokepark 2 come out?

In 2/27/12

Is there a Pokepark 3 games?

Yes , it is Poke park 3 wonders again

When does PokePark Wii come out in Australia?

29 of march 2012

When does Pokepark for the Wii come out?

probaly June 30th 2010

Where did the spring roll come from?

Taiwan, Spring roll are from taiwan. :)

When will PokePark Wii come out in America?

It was released on November 1, 2010.

Where in Pokepark is Infernape?

after you beat chimchar in the lava zone he will come to fight

What happpens if you faint in PokePark Wii?

You don't faint, if you are in a battle you just have to start over again.

How do you become friends with Venusaur in Pokepark?

Come back and talk to him while your in the Cavern Zone

Where is Infernape in PokePark Wii?

After you defeat chimchar go talk to him again in the lava zone P.S I haven't tried it.

How do you get Onix on pokepark?

Onix is not on Pokepark.

How do you get floatzel in Pokepark?

You first need to befriend buizel and then he'll say something about my big brother floatzel will come and he will come to play

When does PokePark 2 come out in the UK?

its out now :D

How do you get drilbur in Pokepark 2?

break the box in front of drillbur and there will be a wigglytuff he will come get it then you can finally talk to him

Is yanmega in Pokepark?

No yanmega is not in pokepark but flygon is

How do you get Rikou in pokepark?

Rikou isn't in pokepark

What country do ASUS computers come from?


Did bubble tea come from Japan?

No. It was from Taiwan.

What country do the Chinese come from?

China or Taiwan.

How do you befriend electrode in PokePark Wii?

Become friends with both Magnemite and Magneton, and then Electrode will come to play.

When does PokePark 2 beyond the world come out in England?

February next year that's all i know

Where do you see a swampert and a Sceptile in Pokepark?

it's not in pokepark 1.