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Nothing remains forever . Every thing vanishes with crushing pressure of time. he can't maintain his performance after some years. when his body forces him he'll leave wwe. but he'll definatley be in hall of fame

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yes he is injured cuz you know he has injured batista hhh and rick flare and now hhh is back and orton is injured.

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No Randy isn't leaving wwe nor is he getting fired.

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Q: Will Randy Orton leave wwe smackdown because of his injuries?
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How is randy randy orton?

Randy Orton is not dead. He is alive and in the smackdown brand d wwe

Is Randy Orton in smackdown?


How is Randy Orton die?

Randy Orton is not dead. He is alive and in the smackdown brand d wwe

Why is Randy Orton not coming out on WWE raw and smackdown?

Because he is suspended for 60 days

Will Randy Orton get traded to smackdown?

Probably not if triple H is in Raw orton is staying on raw

Is Randy Orton on stroids?

Randy Orton has not used sterioids he stays fit, he has been out a few times due to injuries

Who is the WWE world heviwaght champ?

Randy Orton because he beat Christian for it on Smackdown. ♥Hope that helped♥

What Is Randy Orton's Favorite Video Game?

Smackdown v.s Raw 2010

In smackdown who's between Randy Orton and rey mysterio?

hhh is betvean randy ortan and rey mistirio

What show is Randy Orton on raw smackdown or ecw?

now he's on smackdown. remember? ECW stopped about a year ago

Who is the present world heavy weight champion?

Randy Orton on Raw. Kane on Smackdown.

Is there any new info on Randy Orton coming back soon?

Randy Orton returned at the June 5th episode of WWE RAW. Within Kayfabe (Made Up) Randy Orton's contract ezxpired with SmackDown causing him to make a return to RAW.