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Sheamus did beat John Cena at TLC 2009 for the WWE Championship. Which was Sheamus's first reign with the title, until losing it at the 2010 Elimination Chamber ppv to John Cena. Where McMahon screwed Cena, putting Cena in a match with Batista, after his original match and losed the title to Batista.

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John Cena and Sheamus both had a chance of winning at TLC. John Cena did not win.

well i think that John Cena is going to beat Sheamus' but!!!!!because at TLC(Tables Ladders and Chairs)sheamus won the WWE championship but John Cena was distracted. so i think that John Cena will try to recaptain again so that he could be the WWE champion.

On one occasion Sheamus beat john cena for the belt at TLC 2009.

At the TLC 2009 PPV, Cena losed the WWE Championship to Sheamus in a tables match. This was Sheamus's first championship reign as the WWE Champion. Afterwards (in the present), Cena has beaten Sheamus many times.

he lost to sheamus at TLC as cena was going for a superplex , lost balance and fell through the table

yes come on cena always bloody wins John Cena did not win at the WWE TLC pay-per-view.

sheamus when he deafeated cena at tlc 2009

As of December 13th 2009 John Cena was still the WWE Champion. On December 14th he lost the title to Sheamus at the TLC PPV in a Tables Match.

yes on 12/13/09 sheamus defeated john cena at wwe TLC to become the frist Irish wwe champion in history.

John cena is back when he will be rehired by barett if cena defeats him in TLC 2010

Yes, John Cena defeated Wade Barrett at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2010).

because she cost him the tlc match at tlc

well cause she is crazy.and she thinks john cena broke her heart. LOL

he defeated undertaker in tlc once in 2000

John Cena won the WWE Championship at TLC against Shemaus.

She felt that john didn't appreciate her enough.

John Cena won the match because he droped 23 chairs on to Wade Barrett

he will be re-hired befor TLC

Shamus has won TLC because he is better than cena shamus rules

John cena defeated Wade Barret at the TLC pay per view. He defeated him in a grueling match and in the end, put him through a table and had more than 20 chairs fall on the table sealing Barret below the table.

381 days after beating edge in the TLC match at unforgiven

Well the miz is strong even john Morrison miz is one time wwe champion while john Morrison never won miz beat randy ortan when randy ortan had a broken leg but Morrison beat sheamus for the #1 contender match in a ladder match for WWE championship.So the strongest is:john Morrison for sure he beat sheamus in a ladder match in WWE TLC 2010 and will face miz for WWE championship maby at Royale Rumble.THANK YOU for reading this.

WWE championship against Edge Unforgiven 2006 in a TLC Match

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