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Yes. It is being advertised that Rock will be back at Survivor Series 2011

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Will Survivor Series 2011 be at MSG?

Alot of rumors going on maybe. edit: Although most likely yes, for it was advertised, and is still being advertised that The Rock will return to in ring action for Survivor series, and all throughout the rest of the road to wrestlemania 28.

When will WWE Survivor Series be in 2011?

Survivor Series pay per view is planned for November 20, 2011. There have been news reports about The Rock returning to in ring competition during survivor series 2011. However there have been no confirmed news but it is expected that both he and john cena will be in the ring at the same time.

Is rock returning in WWE?

Yes, he has returned to active competition in WWE Survivor Series 2011

Is the rock currently wrestling?

No. He is expected to do so in survivor series pay per view in 2011

When will The Rock come back to wrestling in the WWE?

Survivor Series 2011 he will be in a 5 man tag match

Has there been a match between john cena and rock?

not yet. Cena and Rock are scheduled to tag team at survivor series 2011 and have a one-on-one match at wrestlemania 2012

When did the rock debut in WWE?

He debuted at Survivor Series November 1996.

Did cena and the rock win?

Not yet. Survivor series hasn't happened yet.

What year did The Rock make his WWE debut?

Survivor Series 1996 in Madison Square Garden

Was the Rock on john Cena's team at survivor series?

Yes they were but they will never do it again. Do you not have access to the internet?

Did the the rock and john cena win at survivor series?

Yes they did win! With a confrontation between the two of them afterwards.

When does the rock return to the WWE?

The Rock made his return on 14th Feburary WWE Raw. Check out the detailed report athttp://www.tribalwrestling.com/rock-returns-2011/

When will captain rock hopper return?

rock hopper might return during the explorer party 2011 and then the fall fair, and then the Christmas party for 2011 and he only comes three times a year.

When was Rock Stars - documentary series - created?

Rock Stars - documentary series - was created on 2011-11-22.

Will the Rock return to the WWE?

Yes, he's hosting Wrestlemania 2011.

Did rock return to WWE 2011?

yes he returned for wrestlemaina 27

When was Soul Survivor - Pete Rock album - created?

Soul Survivor - Pete Rock album - was created in 1998.

What year did the rock come to the WWE?

Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) who was born May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California made his debut in the WWE / WWF on November 1996 at Survivor Series.

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