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It is a possibility that WWE will invade TNA. If it does happen, it is unknown.

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Q: Will WWE ever invade TNA
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Will tna ever invade WWE?

No tna is to bad to control wwe. in my case wwe will envade tna.

Will we ever see HBK in the WWE or in TNA?


Will there ever be a wrestling war against TNA and WWE?

probably not. WWE and TNA are two different companies

Why is WWE starting to get lame and is TNA going to invade WWE?

Thanks for making me laugh....TNA invade WWE that is funny! All TNA is interested in is hiring former WWE wrestlers, and ignoring the ones that have been with them since the beginning. Christian and Gail have already re-signed with WWE and looks like Dutt will also has his contract has expired. you make me laugh so so hard tna is co crappy exept mick foley

When is WWE vs TNA invasion?

I seriously doubt anything will ever happen between TNA and the WWE. First of all WCW was a MAJOR comepetitor with the WWE and TNA is not. TNA and WWE will continue to have wrestlers jump between the two companies but there is little no chance that any invasion will ever happen.

Is ntna affiliated with WWE?

TNa has no affiliation with WWE what so ever.

Will TNA ever go against WWE?

actually around 2005 TNA did have a war with WWE. how did they have a war

Does tna copy the WWE?

wwe suparstars go on TNA but tna does not copy WWE

When will WWE vs tna be out in stores?

there has not been a wwe vs tna made yet they are probably working out a deal between both companies to figuere out how to split the profit so when and or if there will ever be a wwe vs tna is still questionable

Wwe buying tna?

WWE will not buy TNA because they can just destroy TNA in the Monday night wars And TNA is no match for wwe

Will tna buy out WWE?

no don t get me wrong i love tna but wwe is much richer and could buy out tna easer than tna could buy wwe. wwe is trying to buy tna now tna trying to buy wwe is impossible.

Is TNA a threat to WWE?

No, TNA is not a threat to WWE.

Does WWE own part of tna?

yes wwe does own tna that why every wwe wrestler is going to tna...

Has Christian Cage ever dated a WWE diva?

Yes, before he went to TNA he was at WWE.

Who from tna is comeing to WWE?

wwe and tna are fighting for sting

Should you watch tna or WWE?

Wwe, tna is horrible

Will TNA and the WWE ever clash against each other?

tna has tried to start several wars with wwe but wwe responds and i dont think they will have a feud,there to different The old WCW abd ECW were threats to WWE but I don't think the WWE looks at TNA the same way and I do not blame them.

What are opinions on which is better TNA or WWE?

Tna! Tna! Tna!

Will RVD ever return to WWE?

He will soon I hope but by now he is in TNA.

Wwe will Christie hemmy ever return?

no because she is in tna wrestling

Will tna ever show its face in WWE?

Your Guess is as good as mine.

Has WWE try to buy Tna?

No WWE has not tried to buy TNA

Will tna's wrestlers be in smackdown vs raw 2010?

Hell no do you ever see TNA superstars on wwe plus I have the game.

Will Jeff Hardy return to WWE?

Jeff Hardy is currently signed with Total Nonstop Action (TNA), and there is no sign he will return to WWE.He quoted when he left WWE "See You In The Future", which is what is in his TNA entrance video. So I have a feeling he will stay there for a while!Sadly, he will never return in WWE ever because he is wrestling in TNA.But, he might return when his TNA contract has expired.To the WWE - No Idea. He is currently with TNA and there is no news about him returning to WWE

Will TNA be with WWE?

Maybe. The only way TNA will be with WWE is if WWE buys TNA. Like they did with WCW. And they could even make an invasion storyline!