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yes... its should be the 4EAT-F transmission...for both motor types

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What is the automatic transmission for a 93 ford escort?

The automatic transmission for a 1993 Ford Escort is a 4-speed automatic with overdrive. It also has a 1.9 liter engine and an 88 horsepower.

Will a 1998 escort zx2 zetec engine bolt into a 1997 escort with automatic transmission?

no.the trannys are not interchangable.The zx2 engine won't bolt on to an escort tranny

What type of automatic transmission fluid for a 1997 Ford Escort?

I have 97 Escort LX with 2.0 engine and auto transmission; Theowners manual calls for MERCUR type ATF

Does the 95 escort Lx transmission have a computer?

Depends if you have a manual or automatic. Manual transmission, no, there is no transmission computer. For an automatic transmission, the engine computer and transmission computer are one unit typically called an ECM, Engine control module. There are many different names for and ECM. Ford started using computer controlled transmissions in the early 90's and late 80's.

Will a 1996 Ford Escort engine fit a 1995 Ford Escort also if the 1996 engine was in a car with an automatic trsansmission will it fit into the 1995 with standard transmission?

yeah shouldn't have any trouble doin that at all i just converted my 95 escort 1.9 into a 5 speed with a tranny from a 98 ford escort 2.0

Will a manual transmission for 99 escort sohc engine work in a 99 escort zx2 zetec dohc engine?


Where is the transmission for a escort?

As you are looking into the engine bay from the front the transmission is on the back side of the engine about half way down.

Can you put a engine from a car with a automatic transmission in a car with a standard transmission?

Yes, but you have to remove the automatic transmission housing, and you have to replace the Torque Converter with a standard transmission clutch that matches the type of transmission with which you are mating the engine.

Does a 1991 Ford Escort lx have a transmission filter?

I was looking at one of the Ford websites and it shows for the automatic transaxle ( transmission ) used with the 1.9 litre four cylinder engine in a 1991 Ford Escort : ( yes , Motorcraft FT-123 filter inside the transaxle pan )

Where is the transmission on a 1999 ford escort zx2 sport?

The transaxle ( transmission ) is in the engine compartment bolted to the engine ( it's on the drivers side of the engine )

Do you have to pull out the engine to replace the transmission on a 2001 ford escort zx2?

No, the engine does not have to be removed.

Can you use a transmission from a Ford Escort LX wagon in an Escort GT?

What is the engine size? or manual?

What is the engine oil capacity of a 1997 Ford Escort 2.0L SOHC automatic transmission?

Answer4.5 quarts :) AnswerI have a 1997 ford escort 2.0 liter it is 4 quarts 4.5 is to much. Some specs. are wrong i've tried it.

Where is the transmission dip stick on a 1.9 4 cylinder 1996 Ford Escort?

The automatic transaxle dipstick is between the battery and the engine , it is towards the rear ( the manual transaxle does not have a dipstick )

Where is the transmission located on a 1999 Ford Escort?

It's bolted to the engine.

What is the size of the automatic transmission in your 1995 Chevy 1 ton pickup with a 350 engine?

That would be a 4L80E automatic transmission.

Can you use engine oil as automatic transmission oil?


Where is the drain plug for a 99 Nissan Altima?

wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)... wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)...

Where is the automatic transmission dip stick on the Cadillac cts 3.6 automatic engine located?


Is a 1999 Ford Escort flat towable?

It is towable only if it is a manual transmission in neutral. An automatic transmission is not towable unless the front wheels are put on a dolly or raised off the ground. The reason for this is that the pump that supplies lubricant to the transmission only runs when the engine is running.

Where is the whole transmission located 1987 Mercury Cougar?

The question is if the transmission is a standard or an automatic, if it is a standard then the transmission is located directly behind the bell housing which is bolted onto the rear of the engine, if it is an automatic then the transmission is bolted directly to the rear of the engine

What is the towing capacity for a 2003 chevy s-10?

Standard cab with a 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission is rated at 5600#. Standard cab with a 4.3 V6 engine and automatic transmission is rated at 6000#. Extended cab with 4.3 V6 engine and automatic transmission is rated at 5500#.

Do you have to remove the transmission to remove the engine on a 97 s10 blazer 4X4 automatic?

No. You can remove the engine and leave the transmission in the vehicle.

Where is the flywheel located on a 1995 Ford Escort?

Between the engine and transmission ( transaxle )

How do you change the transmission belt on a 1995 escort lx?

The same way you change the engine squirrel. There is no transmission belt.