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Yes and No, this will increase the fuel intake to give a bit more torque, but the ratio between air and fuel may cause problems with the way the engine will run.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-12 13:11:48
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Q: Will a 1.9 GTI inlet manifold and injectors increase the performance on a 1989 1.6 GTI Peugeot 205?
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What controls the fuel injectors on peugeot 205gti 1900?

Gas stupid

What are injectors for in a Peugeot 206 1.1?

They inject the fuel directly into the cylinder for conbustion.

Model number gearbox for Peugeot 306 Miami?

i want to know part number & serial number injectors PEUGEOT 306 Mdel 2002 !

What was the performance of Peugeot 104 1975?

65 hp

What was the performance of Peugeot 305 1978?

97 mph

What was the performance of Peugeot 203 1955?

44 hp

Where is the turbo on a 1997 Peugeot 306 1.9TD?

After the air filter and on the intake manifold

What do Injectors for peugeot 206 1.4 look like?

they are black in colour and have a multiplug connection on the side of them

What is a better car A focus or a Peugeot?

Ford focus is definitely a better car than Peugeot based on performance.

What was the performance of Peugeot 404 diesel 1968?

125 kph

What was the performance of peugeot 204 1969?

53 hp 1130 cm3

Where is the air intake temperature sensor a 1998 peugeot 106?

it is located on the inlet manifold below throttle body you need to remove manifold and remove sensor from underside

How do you alter the fuel mix on a Peugeot 106 diesel to make it leaner?

Not really an option, but if you find it burning extra fuel then replace the injectors.

Why does my peugeot 406 engine management system warning light keep turning on when i start the engine?

probley weak fuel pump or injectors.

Why does Peugeot 307stall changing down from 3rd gear to 2nd you recently had a clutch fitted?

Check manifold housing and inner rubber housing of gear near timing belt. Peugeot parts and assembly pathetic.

Where can you buy Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor for peugeot elystar 125 TSDI?

Local auto part stores will carry all parts available and if they do not have it in stock will special order them. If that fails the a dealership can be contacted to order the part directly from Peugeot.

Do you need to disconnect the aluminum inlet manifold from a peugeot 206 1.9d DW8 engine in order to replace the upper cylinder head cover gasket?


How do you change the cylinder head cover gasket without removing the aluminum inlet manifold peugeot 206 1.9d DW8 engine?

it does not need to be removed.

Where is the oil filter on a Peugeot 306?

I suggest you open the bonnet and look at the front of the engine below the exhaust manifold, it's very easy to see.

How does Peugeot stand up against other French car companies?

Peugeot are normally ranked as an aesthetically designed car when compared to other French car manufacturers. They are beautiful in design but lack the performance to back it up.

Where are the start plugs in a peugeot 406 diesel?

Depending on model, this engine may not have glow plugs. In engines with glow plugs, they are located next to the injectors on the top of the engine, under the plastic cover.

What is a similar car to the peugeot 206?

A similar car to the Peugeot 206 is the Peugeot 205 which the Peugeot 206 is modeled after with minor modifications and upgrades from the Peugeot 205 to the Peugeot 206.

How put oil in Peugeot 405?

depending on model, top of engine 2 inch wide black cap, above spark plugs / injectors. Or front of engine again, 2 inch wide cap.

Is Peugeot Nigeria?

no. peugeot is french

Peugeot 406 HDI starting problems Prob - turn over engine for about 30 secs before it will start. then car runs normally any suggestions?

Weak fuel pump Bad injectors