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Will a 17-year-old male lose his license for an at-fault accident and ticket?

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Probably not. Points will likely be assessed to his locense and the insurance may increase, but the only reasons you lose your license are things like failure to pay tickets or repeat offenses.

2006-08-09 15:36:05
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Q: Will a 17-year-old male lose his license for an at-fault accident and ticket?
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If you are in an accident with no other cars involved and you do not get a ticket can you still get points on your license?

Can't have points taken away if you do not get a ticket.

Will a risk of an accident ticket affect DMV or insurance records?

No: this type of ticket involves no points on your license, its just a fine.

If you are in an accident and don't get a ticket do you get points on your license?

If you have not been fined then you have not commited an offence. No offence, no points.

What will happen if you do not have your drivers license and insurance with you when involved in a minor accident?

You will get a ticket for these violations but if you bring them with you to court and they show that you were licensed and insured on the date of the accident, these charges will be dismissed.

What does it mean when an officer takes your drivers license at a traffic accident?

Nothing really. It is standard procedure. They are making sure your license is valid, checking address, and will look up your driving record if needed. If you get a ticket as a result of the accident it will go on your record.

If you have a ticket in California can you get your license in Kentucky?

if i have a ticket in California can i get a drivers license in Kentucky

If you get in a wreck do you get a ticket?

It depends on who is at fault for the accident. The person that the police determine caused the accident will get the ticket.

What happens when you have an accident that is your fault and your insurance policy has expired?

You have to pay the cost of repairs to get there vehicle fixed. You may also have you license suspended and get a ticket.

I allowed someone to ride my bike when it had no ins. they were in a atfault accident. What kind of punishment im i lookin at?

Minimum you are responsible for all claims due to the accident. Damage and medical if any. Depending on state, one or both of you may get hit with no insurance ticket, fines vary, probably will not suspend lincense since you were not driving. It is so much easier to play by the rules and keep insurance. Been there done that.

Will a traffic ticket revoke your CDL license?

NO...a traffic ticket WILL NOT revoke your cdl license

Will you receive a ticket for accident?

Yes, in most cases, you will receive a ticket for an accident. There is a few cases where you won't and that is if it is not your fault.

If someone rear ends you and your license is expired but the car your driving is insured what will happen?

you will get a ticket and probably get your license suspended for longer and insurance will probably not cover the accident b/c you were driving with a suspended license but of course this is just one scenario

Can you get your license if you get a ticket for driving without a license with your permit?

Yes, but please pay your ticket first.

Do you need your middle name on airline ticket?

Unless you have it on your middle name license. You should put your name on the ticket the way your have it on your license. (If your name is John Franklin Smith on your license it should be on your ticket, but if you just have John Smith on your license, just put John Smith on the ticket. Also if you use your middle initial in your license, put it on the ticket.)

Will a speeding ticket in MA affect NY drivers license?

When you get a speeding ticket, generally, points are added to your license. So yes, a speeding ticket that is out of state, will still effect your license.

How long is your driver's license suspended for if you don't pay a speeding ticket in Kentucky?

Your license will be suspended until you pay the ticket. Once you do that, the court will clear the ticket and reinstate your license with the DMV.

Got put on probation for driving withoout a license Recenlty got into accident and got a ticket for driving without a license Jail time?

Driving without a license will be a violation of probation. It will possibly be jail time, but it was ultimately up to the judge as to the punishment.

Can you pay a ticket after your license is suspended?

Yes, in many cases you have to pay the ticket before you can get your license back.

How much is a provisional license ticket?

The license violation is $211, the speeding violation is $211. The total cost of the provisional license ticket is $422.

What if you have no liability insurance and have an accident?

Well, generally you get a fine (ticket) to pay, Most states will now confiscate your vehicle and suspend your drivers license. If you were at fault in the accident you can also be sued by the other driver and any passengers that were injured.

Will a speeding ticket in VA effect your Pa license?

Yes, a speeding ticket in VA will effect your PA license. The state will share your ticket with the DMV. It is up to the state on whether to penalize you for the ticket.

Where can you check in Georgia to see if a speeding ticket or a ticket for an accident is off your record?

keep your ticket beside you

If you get two speeding tickets on your ma record and then you get a ticket in NH will your license be suspended?

a ticket is a record to your license reguardless of the state

What is the penalty for driving without your license presently on you?

The ticket can be dismissed if your license was valid on the day of the ticket and you bring it to court with you. (Texas)

You got speeding ticket in South Carolina and you have a Florida license?

will I recieve points on my florida license for a ticket in south carolina