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Very few parts are interchangeable from a YJ to a TJ.

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The wheel should fit, the tire depends on the wheel.

no doors are different. cj 7 will fit but not tj.

2000 to 2006 wrangler 1999 to 2004 grand only cherokee

Yes, it should work, as long as the engines are the same

Yes. 87 and 88 are the same as long as the factory hardware is still in place.

yesmy 2000 jeep wrangler has cherokee srings instead of its stock springs it lifts it a little and rides great and is a direct fit

Yes, the full steel doors will fit all 1987-95 Wranglers.

probably... the Jeeps are about the same size...

That is no small job, engine controls, transmission, and running gear are all different, but will it physically fit, yes.

Yes, they both have the same 5x4.5 bolt pattern.

Yes, they are both TJ's and it should be a match.

Will a 304 engine fit in a 1998 TJ jeep wrangler?

yes, it should 1997 through 2006 wrangler hard tops are interchangeable (excluding the limited longer version wrangler with the regular size- obviously)

yes, from what ive seen it should with little to no modifications.

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