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No, they are 2 totally different bodystyles

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2011-03-02 22:34:43
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Q: Will a 1994 Chevy Lumina hood fit a 1996 Chevy Lumina?
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Will a hood and front valence from a 1992 Chevy lumina z34 fit a Chevy lumina euro sport?

Yes it will, I did the interchange on mine

Where is the relay horn located on a 1996 lumina?

The horn relay is located in the fuse box of the 1996 Lumina. The fuse box is located under the hood of the car.

Where is the battery location for a 2000 Chevy Lumina?

The battery is located under the hood on a 2000 Chevrolet Lumina. The battery will be on the drivers side.

Where is the washer fluid reservoir located in1997 Chevy lumina?

under hood of car driverside

Where is the fuse box under the hood on a 1994 Chevy sliverado 1500?

My 1994 doesn't have fuses under the hood.

Where is the drain plug on a 99 Chevy Lumina?

where is the drain plug on a 99 Chevy lumina where is the radiator drain plug on a 99 Chevy lumina I am not completely sure about the 99 but I drive a 95 lumina and the radiator drain plug is located to the right of the radiator (if you are looking under the hood) and at the bottom of the housing for the radiator. Mine is white in color.

Where is the hood release for a 1991 Chevy Lumina?

it is under the dash not visable from the seat next to the kick panel

Location of fuse box for 99 Chevy Lumina car?

When changing fuses it is important to know the fuse box location. In a 1999 Chevy Lumina car, the fuse box is located under the hood of the car.

How do you change the right front low beam headlight on a 1998 Chevy lumina?

lift the hood it is on the right side.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1994 Chevy Lumina Euro?

Under the hood on the driver's side close to the strut mounting under a plastic square cap marked, "fuel pump relay". Matt

Where can you get a skematic of the emissions system for a 1991 Chevy Lumina?

It should be printed right on the car, just under the hood near the latch.

Where is the pcm located on a 93 Chevy lumina 3.1?

Behind coolent over flow tank passenger side under hood

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